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Chandra, Sputnik & Voyager Yr 3/4

Picture 1 Sputnik Class
Picture 2 Voyager Class

Welcome to Year 3/4

Meet the Team

Sputnik Class Teacher - Mrs S Counsell (Mon-Wed) and Mrs S Allsopp (Thur-Fri)

Chandra Class Teachers - Mrs H Maynes (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs D Woods (Fri)

Voyager Class Teachers - Mr J Huntley

HLTA - Mrs T Owen (Tues-Fri) 

HLTA - Mrs Britton (Mon)

LSA - Mrs K James and Mrs Clapson


yes Key Dates for this term yes

Thursday 5th October - Beach raid

Friday 13th October - Viking Wow Day (Meet a Viking)

Tues 17th and Weds 18th October - Parent Evening

Friday 20th October - Last day of term 1

Monday 30th October - Start of term 2

Friday 10th November - Raise the Roof

Tuesday 28th November - Sputnik Class Assembly 9am

Monday 4th December - Museum Trip

Monday 18th December - 3/4 Christmas Party

Monday 18th December - Carol Concert

Tuesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch

Tuesday 19th December - end of term 2

Bjorn Magnusson visits Year 3/4!


Today at Uphill School we had a visit from a very special person. Bjorn Magnusson came to tell the children in Years 3 and 4 what it was like being a fierce Viking warrior. Recently, he had fled from the Battle of Stamford Bridge and had decided to take shelter at Uphill School. Imagine our surprise when he popped out of the hall cupboard!  


He described the battle to the children and gave them the opportunity to hold his shield and to look at his sword and axe. The children also worked together to make a human longboat and dress up as warriors and Viking gods. We discovered that Vikings would meet at a 'Thing' to sort out disputes and that it was often the younger sons who were sent out on raids. The children also had the opportunity to act out a story about the Gods Thor and Loki.


Great fun was had by all!

Bjorn the Viking

Bjorn the Viking 1
Bjorn the Viking 2
Bjorn the Viking 3

Bjorn visits Uphill!

Bjorn visits Uphill! 1 Meeting Bjorn Magnusson!
Bjorn visits Uphill! 2
Bjorn visits Uphill! 3
Bjorn visits Uphill! 4 Making a longboat out of the children.
Bjorn visits Uphill! 5 down!
Bjorn visits Uphill! 6 Solving problems at the 'thing'.
Bjorn visits Uphill! 7
Bjorn visits Uphill! 8
Bjorn visits Uphill! 9 Ymir the 'Ice Giant' steals Thor's hammer
Bjorn visits Uphill! 10 Vicious warrior dies valiantly in battle...
Bjorn visits Uphill! 11 ...gets taken to Vallhalla by the Valkyries.
Bjorn visits Uphill! 12 Thank you for visiting us Bjorn!
Picture 1

Years 3 & 4 On Ice

This week years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to go ice skating in the new ice rink at the Tropicana. A great time was had by children, staff and parent helpers. After a slippery start, most children found the grit and courage to keep on trying with the aim to make it once round the ice rink. It was also a great place to discuss our science learning and we amazed the instructors with a range of scientific facts about ice and water and their different states and explained what happens to the freezing point of ice should it come into contact with salt!

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News Flash

Vikings Invade Uphill Beach!


On Thursday 5th October the peace of Uphill Beach was disturbed by the arrival of a group of really vicious Vikings. Residents were seen fleeing in terror.


Thankfully this was only the children of Year 3 and 4 pretending to be Saxon villagers or Viking warriors. The children had a great time re-enacting a Viking raid. As Vikings, the children pretended to bang their swords against their shield and shout wildly at the poor Saxon farmers going about their everyday business. We certainly turned a few heads at the local golf course!


Interesting fact...

Did you know that it is believed Uphill gets its name from a Viking called Hubba and was called Hubba's Pill? It is thought that it became a base for the invaders to raid along the coast. Holm is also a Viking word meaning 'an inlet to the sea' or 'island in a lake'.


Continuing on from our Viking raid: work on the Vikings has been going apace back in the classroom with the children learning about why the Norse Men raided places; how they sailed such long distances; who lived and ruled in Britain at the time of the Viking invasions and how King Alfred the Great fought back!


The Vikings are coming to Uphill...

The Vikings are coming to Uphill... 1
The Vikings are coming to Uphill... 2
The Vikings are coming to Uphill... 3

This term in English..


This term in English we have been looking at labels in non-fiction and applied this to our longboat topic work. We first learnt about the parts of a Viking longboat and labelled our own diagrams to show the correct names for the parts. Some of us extended our learning further by saying why each part is important and what it is used for.


We are currently reading all about Hiccup, a small and lonely Viking, who unlike other Vikings, was frightened of everything! We will end this unit of work with a debate and writing an argument to express our opinion to the question 'Should you be allowed to be a Viking if you get seasick?'.



Picture 1 By Zoe
Picture 2
Picture 3 By Neve

Our project for terms 1 and 2:

Were the Vikings Vicious?



These are some of the questions which we hope to answer over the course of the topic:

"What is a Viking?" - Christopher

"Did every country have Vikings?" - Ava

"Where do Vikings live?" - Ryan

"What do Vikings wear?" - Oliver

"Do all Vikings have beards?" - Freddie

Poetry Week - Courage

Poetry Week - Courage 1
Poetry Week - Courage 2
Poetry Week - Courage 3



When I show that I'm courageous

In everything I do,

I don't give up - I never quit...

I want to see it through!


Sometimes when I show courage

In choosing what I say

I'm just a little scared inside...

But, I do it anyway!


I'm courageous - I am brave...

It means I'm fighting fear.

I stand up tall and speak the truth...

My courage is in here.


All of the 3/4 classes visited another class in school and performed this poem about courage to them. The event was a real success and was enjoyed by all. The children were amazing at remembering their words by heart and each class came up with their own actions to accompany their performances.