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Healthy Schools Award

Healthy School Award


We have just completed our Healthy Schools Programme. We were awarded this first time in 2014 and we are really proud to have been awarded it for a second time in June 2016.  We have added the details of the programme to demonstrate the markers we have had to achieve to obtain our Healthy Schools Award. 


We are really proud of our HLTA, Mrs Janet Britton, who has delivered the programme within school and gained our school this award for a second time. Well done Mrs Britton. 

Healthy School Outcomes

Once we had completed the Healthy Schools work, it was submitted for the award. Here is the report we received.


Congratulations to Uphill Primary!


It is with great pleasure that we are able to send you a NSHSN logo, in recognition of your ongoing commitment to healthier, happier learning.


As a stalwart of Healthy Schools you had already put in place many changes to the dining environment to encourage positive behaviour and it is good to hear that these have been sustained and extended this year, to ensure that lunchtimes are a calm and enjoyable experience. Work sustained includes double sittings, staff top table and table with additional support for vulnerable learners. This year, your provision has been strengthened by investing in behaviour management training for your lunchtime staff and employing a positive play leader to support activities in the playground.


The way that pupil voice is encouraged at Uphill Primary School is exemplary. Your ‘Council Crew’ system ensures that every child has a voice and that children’s opinions are valued and acted on, putting them at the heart of what you do. In this way, all children had an input in how they would like to see playtimes improved and what sort of resources they would like. Following these discussions new resources, including some more unusual toys such as Diablos, Yo-yos and juggling balls, were purchased. It must be very gratifying for the school to see that data from your behaviour log book demonstrates clearly that behaviour incidents have dropped dramatically over the year, with fewer incidents in  5 terms in 2016 than just 2 terms from the previous year.


In addition to your work on positive playtimes, you wanted to focus on pupil premium children to make sure that they were supported in accessing curriculum and enrichment opportunities. Putting these children high on the agenda, helped to raise their profile in school and increase awareness and support. You report that PP children have accessed a greater number of extra curriculum activities this year, such as club involvement and enrichment opportunities. Milk is purchased for those who require it, and music lessons and instruments have been made available to PP children.


Thank you for your continued support of the Healthy Schools programme and we are delighted that you are keen to join us again next year!


Shaun Cheesman and Alison Ball

North Somerset Healthy Schools Network Team

The Award Celebration

The Award Celebration  1