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Uphill Primary School we are proud to have a successful House system across the whole school.

Our 'Learning Without Limits' ethos is at the core of our House system. It enables and encourages all children and staff to participate and succeed in the following ways;


  • The promotion of cross year team building
  • Conduct inter-year activities that are competitive yet friendly
  • To allow for co-operative working across the whole school
  • Members of staff are able to link up and be involved with all year groups
  • Older pupils are able to be positive role models and have the opportunity to nurture the younger pupils
  • Older pupils are given a sense of responsibility, not only to their Keys Stage and class, but on a whole school level
  • It gives us all a sense of belonging to be part of a smaller team within the school community.


We have four Houses called:

Kestrels, Harriers, Falcons and Hawks



House Captains 2018-2019

House Captains 2018-2019 1 House Captain - Kestrels
House Captains 2018-2019 2 House Captain - Falcons
House Captains 2018-2019 3 House Captain - Hawks
House Captains 2018-2019 4 House Captain - Harriers

Vice Captains - 2018-2019

Vice Captains - 2018-2019 1 Vice Captain - Falcons
Vice Captains - 2018-2019 2 Vice Captain - Kestrels
Vice Captains - 2018-2019 3 Vice Captain - Harriers
Vice Captains - 2018-2019 4 Vice Captain - Hawks