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Year 5/6 Kurling and Boccia Festival

On 29th November a team of Year 5 and 6 children had a great time taking part in these less common sports.  They were both run as indoor activities, in Priory School's sports hall.  Kurling was made possible with special 'stones' that had small ball bearings in the base to allow them to travel across the floor and the children proved themselves to be very skilled at hitting the target.  Boccia is a specially adapted form of bowls, where the bowler is sitting down. All the children really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled to come back with their medals.  

Thanks to Mrs Saunders, Miss Rust and Mrs Clatworthy for attending.

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Year 5/6 Boys & Girls Football Qualifiers

The highly competitive 5/6 football tournament took place at Worle School.  We entered a girls team and a boys team and all the children took part in a way that the school and parents should be proud of.  Although the girls had some tough games, they kept their spirits up and competed right to the end.  The boys team showed the skill and game play they have learned while playing for their clubs and fought their way all the way to the final without conceding a single goal.  Only due to huge bad luck they lost the match 1-0.  Well done to all the children and thanks to Mrs Saunders and Mr Deane.

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