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PE Crew Leadership Training - October 2015

Our newly formed 'PE Crew' travelled to Weston-Super-Mare Cricket Club to learn their trade - taking part in the North Somerset PE Leadership Training. They were taken through a great presentation and discussion, where the children came up with ideas of how to improve the schools PE in this academic year.


They discussed the values of the School Games; passion, honesty, teamwork, respect, self belief and determination. They talked about and put together ideas of how they could apply each of these values as a PE Crew.


They went on to have sessions in fencing and archery. They learnt important techniques on how to coach and obviously the skills of mixing with other schools PE Crews.


After this training they confidently presented their ideas and plans for the forthcoming year to Mrs Sully, Headteacher, who agreed with a lot of what they wanted to do. They will revisit the plan later in the year to evaluate the progress they have made.


Well done to our PE Crew: Bryn, Tom, Patrick, Leona, Madeline, Eve, Vanessa, Jack, Dew, Harry, Maisie and Sam.

Fencing & Archery Training

Fencing & Archery Training  1
Fencing & Archery Training  2