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Rainbow, Sunshine & Saturn Classes - EYFS & Year 1

Meet the Team


Rainbow Class

Teacher-Miss Porter

PPA and Leadership Cover (Tuesday)-Mrs. Fowler

LSA's-Mrs. Hetherington


Sunshine Class

Teacher-Miss Hooper

PPA and NQT Cover (Thursday)-Mrs. Madeley

LSA's-Mrs. Main


Saturn Class

Teachers-Mrs. Sims (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Goode (Thursday and Friday)

PPA Cover (Thursday)-Mrs. Britton

LSA-Mrs. Watson


Important Dates



Friday 1st December 2017 at 2.30pm children and parents to use a map to post a Father Christmas letter (around Uphill)

Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 6pm EYFS Parent Phonic Evening

Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 6pm Year One Parent Phonic Evening

Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 9.15am EYFS/Year One Nativity

Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 2pm EYFS/Year One Nativity

Thursday 14th December 2017-EYFS/Year One Christmas Party

Friday 15th December 2017-Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 19th December 2017-Term 2 ends

Christmas Holidays-Wednesday 20th December-Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Thursday 4th January 2018-children back to school






This week is all about stories. Below is a story S. We have been retelling our story-Journey using pictures and props. Later on in the week we will be drawing the story and writing it up. We have also been drawing pictures from the book and describing them. I think you would agree that they are brilliant.



Story S setting pictures

Story S setting pictures 1
Story S setting pictures 2
Story S setting pictures 3
Story S setting pictures 4
Story S setting pictures 5

Welcome Back!


We hope you all had a wonderful half term break and it was restful. We've got a busy term!

Firstly, we are starting to look at what features we saw on our walk around Uphill and this will lead into us designing a map to help our parents deliver the letters we will be writing for Father Christmas. Lastly, we will also be starting our Nativity soon by learning songs and performing in the hall at the end of the term to our lovely parents/carers/grandparents and friends.

Week begining 30.10.17

Week begining 30.10.17 1
Week begining 30.10.17 2
Week begining 30.10.17 3
Week begining 30.10.17 4
Week begining 30.10.17 5

Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17

Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 1
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 2
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 3
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 4
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 5
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 6
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 7
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 8
Our walk around Uphill 11.10.17 9

EYFS Coffee Morning



Thank you to those of you who came to our coffee morning. Just a reminder that events like this are always on the website, newsletters and outside class boards. Unfortunately, we can't always send out a text to remind you so please keep updated via the website, newsletters, class boards and in your EYFS starter packs. The PTFA will be handing out leaflets in book bags soon.

Many Thanks

Harvest Festival Assembly 03.10.17

Harvest Festival Assembly 03.10.17 1
Harvest Festival Assembly 03.10.17 2

Week of the 2nd October


This week we have been looking at how Postman travel. We have also been deciding which way is the best way for a postman to travel; looking at speed, ease and enjoyment. The children have enjoyed writing, drawing or discussing their ideas.

A big thank you to those of you who have sent timelines or pictures of your family. The children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the pictures and their has been a lot of discussion around the them.

A gentle reminder about our trip on Wednesday 11th October. We are walking around Uphill to spot the post boxes (we will be posting letters nearer Christmas). We are a little short on adult helpers. Please can you let the teacher in your class know if you can make it. If we do not have enough helpers; we will have to cancel the walk.

Week of the 02.10.17

Week of the 02.10.17 1
Week of the 02.10.17 2
Week of the 02.10.17 3
Week of the 02.10.17 4

The First Few Weeks


What a busy and lively few weeks it has been. Foundation children are in their second full week of school and have settled brilliantly.

The children have been extremely engaged with our project, J is for Journey's and have enjoyed exploring different journey's and a variety of maps.

These include, maps of our family, hearts, pets, bedroom, school and classrooms. The year one in particular have excelled at being buddies for the Foundation children and noticed they might need a map of the school to help them settle in.


We have started to ask questions and gather our thoughts around J is for Journey's. The children were particularly interested in letters and post workers. They have asked questions and a letter was sent back from a postal worker answering their questions.


The children are extremely excited about going on a walk to find all the post boxes in Uphill. Watch out for the letter to follow.


Meet the Teacher Powerpoint