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Sporting events

Last year we participated in a wide range of sporting events and the children really enjoyed the opportunities to compete against other schools.  This year we will continue to enter teams for as many events as we can, including B teams so as many children as possible have the opportunity to participate.



Sports Reports

School Games Day - 30th June 2017

We had a great day of sports activity where children took part in a rotation of 8 different sports.  These included:


  • French cricket
  • handball
  • boccia (a type of bowling)
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • Tri Golf
  • indoor curling
  • blindfold footbal


The children were supported by a group of 24 Year 10 students from Broadoak who were excellent at leading all of the activities and helping the day run smoothly.  Thank you to them all.



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