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In Sputnik we follow the three school rules:

In Sputnik we follow the three school rules: 1

- Respect Yourself 

- Respect Others

- Respect the Environment 



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mail   Work of the week   mail


This week work of the week has been awarded to

The whole of  Sputnik Class


for their amazing behaviour, endless enthusiasm and cracking curiosity on our trip to Cheddar Caves. 


Well done everyone - you made us super proud! 



Following Instructions

In English, we have been evaluating instructions. We followed a set of instructions telling us how to draw a woolly mammoth. We found the instructions had a clear layout and were easy to follow. We said that they would be even better if they had a you will need list. If you want to have a go at home, you can follow the link below.

Picture 1 By Billie
Picture 2 By Nadia
Picture 3 By Scarlett

Place Value

This week in maths we have used the place value counters to help us to understand 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. We found them useful to understand exchanging as well as adding and subtracting numbers from a given value. We then completed reasoning and problem solving questions once we were fluent in our thinking.

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Trip to Cheddar Caves, Museum and Jacob's Ladder


A brilliant day out was had by us all on our trip to Cheddar. We have been learning about prehistoric times as part of our 'Stones to Shields' Project. We were given a guided talk in Gough's Cave and learned that 'Cheddar Man' was found here. We also saw some amazing stalactites and stalagmites. We then made our way up the 271 steps of Jacob's Ladder but weren't able to see from the lookout tower as it's currently being repaired. It certainly meant that we earned our lunch once we had climbed back down though! Lastly, we were treated to a workshop from Caveman Andy. He told us all about the tools that the people of the Stone Age would have used and showed us how they were able to make fire wherever they went. 


Making a Stone Age Fire

Today in English, we thought about the steps that would be needed in order to create a realistic Stone Age fire. We will then use this knowledge tomorrow to write a set of instructions.

Stone Age drama

In English this week we have created short drama sketches linked to our class book 'Stone Age, Bone Age!'. In groups, we created a dialogue performance which we then wrote up into correctly punctuated sentences. We learnt that the stone age people could make use of a whole mammoth. The used the flesh and meat to eat, the tusks for tools, the skin for clothes and blankets and the rest went on the fire to provide fuel. We learned that harpoons were used to catch fish and they built canoes to travel down the rivers.