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Jupiter and Pluto recently went to Weston Museum and presented to their parents about their Victorian project. They also put up a display in the museum and that will be there for the next couple of weeks if you want to see it!






Our new C.S.Clifford display in the Library

As you may know, Uphill has a Library and some Librarians were elected at the beginning of term 2. As you also may know, we had an Author visit from C.S.Clifford on Monday 4th February 2019. Well, one of our Librarians, Theo Scott, has made a display in the Library. If you are a really big fan of the author, you may  notice in the picture below that there are three books missing from his two yr 5/6 and young adult series. These will be displayed soon but we are still waiting for the first one. These books are Navajo spirits parts: 1, 2 and 3. Here's the picture...

Picture 1

On Monday the 4th of February,Steve Clifford came into our school and held work shops in our class rooms. He told us stories and was really entertaining. He also told us to write without SPaG. You should’ve seen the teachers faces!

He was selling books to the children and signed them personally.


Here are some quotes from the children at Uphill primary School:


         “I think Steve Clifford is a really great author and his books are amazing!”



          “I think Steve Clifford is really funny...“



            “ I love Steve clifford’s Books”








Picture 1