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End of Term


A huge thank you to the children for all their hard work this term. Have a great break, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Uphill Runs the World


Today we smashed our record of laps run in 20 minuets - a massive 304, beating our previous record by 39! That represents a contribution of 50 miles by Voyager this week, to the school objective of running the world by the end of the year. Particularly impressive were Wilf, Noah and Sydney who showed great spirit and determination. However the whole class put in  a huge effort. Well done!

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Worker of the Week


Congratulations to Henry on being named ‘Worker of th Week’ for his excellent work on fractions this week. Well done Henry.

Wow Day!


We had a great day learning more about Ancient Egypt. We had a visit from a special guest who taught us lots of very interesting facts, and even demonstrated how the mummification process took place - which proved to be very popular (and a bit gruesome!). We also built models of Ancient Egyptian coffins and sarcophaguses, and learned about Tutankhamen.



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Awful Egyptians


We all had a fantastic time at the Playhouse on Wednesday watching Horrible Histories 'Awful Egyptians'. A very enjoyable and fact filled production that has really fired the children's interest in our topic this term!

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Merry Christmas!


A big thank you to all the children who have worked so hard this term, and for all the support given by parents and guardians. Have a fantastic Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you again in January.

KS2 P.E Award winner!


Many congratulations to Edie on winning the KS2 P.E Award. Very well deserved indeed!



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We had a great time at our Christmas party!

We had a great time at our Christmas party! 1
We had a great time at our Christmas party! 2
We had a great time at our Christmas party! 3
We had a great time at our Christmas party! 4

Remembrance Service 


Today the children had the opportunity to present their wreath of poppies, made earlier in the week, to the school during our remembrance service. What a fantastic job they did. Well done!

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Roman Mosaics


Today we were learning about Roman mosaics as part of this term's topic. We all worked very hard to produce intricately patterned mosaics of our own.

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This week we were very lucky to be visited by Chris Millard from Weston Athletics Club who took the class for a session on Thursday morning. The children were taught about their running technique and competed in some inter-house relays as well as short cross-country run. It was great fun and a fabulous experience!

Worker of the Week!

Worker of the Week! 1 Worker of the Week
Congratulations to Lily who carefully followed a set of instructions to produce a fantastic picture of a woolly mammoth!