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Year 5/6 River & Village Walks

In November, our year 5/6 children went on a wonderfully muddy walk across the Uphill nature reserve and Uphill beach to learn about rivers, how they are formed and how they change the landscape. This was in support of their project 'How the World Rages'. It was a very busy and tiring walk but everyone learnt a lot and will be using the information gathered to help with their project this term.


​They also went on walks around the village, with cameras in hands!, to photograph and analyse the village and how the river had changed and altered the village over the years. Some wonderful visitors came to visit the year 5/6 classes and discussed the floods of 1981 in Uphill. These talks were enthralling for the children; they saw photos of real life events during the floods and listened to how the floods affected their lives.


Thank you to the year 5/6 team for organising these events.