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Yr 3/4 Cheddar Caves Trip

Year 3/4 Trip to Cheddar Caves


Year 3/4 have enjoyed finding out about The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.Over the last few weeks, they have been discovering a whole host of facts about these fascinating times in our history. They have found out about Stone Age homes, Stonehenge, Skara Brae, fire making and what people ate.


During their trip to Cheddar Gorge and Caves, they all had a brilliant time, (even though at times it was a little on the damp side). They spent time exploring the caves and finding out more about Stone Age times. Did you know that they found one of the oldest skeletons in Western Europe in these caves? Cheddar man is over 9,000 years old and we found this fact amazing. His real skeleton can be found in the British Museum in London.

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