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2017-18 PE Plan & Evaluation

Uphill Primary School’s PE and Sport Premium funding allocation for 2017-18 is £18640


Our main aims for the funding are to:


  1. Improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision for children

  2. Provide CPD for staff

  3. Increase teacher confidence in teaching high quality PE lessons

  4. Provide increased opportunities for children to take part in intra and inter school competitions (level 1 and level 2)

  5. Explore opportunities to enhance the mental health and well-being amongst children and staff

  6. Increase participation in extra-curricular sport in and out of school

  7. Provide opportunities for children to try new sports and activities

  8. Resource high quality PE equipment

Key achievements to date:

Increased teacher confidence in teaching PE after three years of targeted CPD.

More children involved in extra-curricular sport.

More opportunities to experience sports outside of normal curriculum activities

Better links with local sports clubs

Better links with local secondary school PE department.

Successful School Games Day with large variety of sports.

Achievement of School Games awards in the last three years; Bronze (2014-15), Silver (2015-16), Gold (2016-17)

SECTION ONE – Fund allocation

PE and Sport Premium Funding 2017/18 Allocation = £18,640

School Focus:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocation:

Evidence and impact:

Sports memberships

Full membership of North Somerset PE Association


Aims: 1,4,6,7



Provide opportunities for children to compete in level 2 competitions against children from other schools.

Encourage children to represent the school who have not done so before.

Enter more than one team where possible to increase participation.

Access opportunities from membership of NSSPEA to provide CPD training for staff.









Register of children taking part.





Somerset Cricket Club affiliation 2017-18

Aims: 2,6,7


Teachers’ confidence to grow

Upskilling of existing teachers




Cricket Coach in for 6 sessions with each Year 2 class. Teachers present during coaching.

Professional Sports Coaches in School

After school clubs increase levels of participation in different sports

Aims: 1,5,6,7

Pupils to engage in new sports

Club is free to parents


£10 x 30 x2

KS2 football

KS1 multiskills

(£600 total)


Register of pupils taking part

Gives children access to an after school club with no cost.

All children get opportunity to experience new sports.

Sports coach CPD, team coaching, small group coordination skills

Aims: 3

One afternoon per week to support teacher’s CPD in PE lessons. To focus on NQTs and then other staff as requested/required.

30 x £57.33



Sports leaders organise and deliver PE activities

Aims 4 & 6


KS2 sports leaders trained to help deliver sports activities and be engaged with the school’s sports ethos





Sports leaders active in delivering lunchtime sports clubs.



Audit and monitor resources each term to ensure equipment is maintained and replaced, enabling teachers to deliver high quality lessons.

Resources for lessons are available.



PE cupboard audited and replenished throughout the year.

Proposal for 2018-19 – Gym mats.

Exercise equipment

Aims: 1,5,8


Install outdoor exercise machines installed on field for use during break times/lunchtimes/PE lessons and for brain breaks/physical activity breaks when required.



Outdoor exercise equipment (partially funded with PTFA)


Equipment widely used during all break times and after school. Well used for brain breaks.

Football goals

Aims 1,5,8

Install quality football goals to raise engagement with and participation in football in both lunchtime and afterschool clubs as well as competitive events.



Install high quality football goals


Goals have been a great success. Year 5/6 have been able to use the goals all year.

Review of PE schemes

Aims: 1,2,3

Update to the TOPs plans PE scheme for KS2 and if necessary, replace/improve scheme being used in FS&KS1. (Real PE?)




£500 not spent


Not purchased.

PE schemes reviewed. Tops (KS2), varied multisports plans (FS/KS1). Teachers are currently happy with the plans. KS1 staff who have previously used Real PE were not enthusiastic about purchasing the scheme for Uphill.

Running track

Aims: 1,5,6,8

Carry forward from this year to be added to funding from 2018-19 to pay for installation of a multipurpose activity track around the field.





Quotes and surface preferences being researched.

Decision to governors – July 2018

Projected installation Autumn 2018.

SECTION TWO – Termly Breakdown

School Focus:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Term 1

Cross Country event









Sports Leader training








Weston Rugby Club tournament



Level 2 Cross Country event at Hutton Moor

2 teams attending

10 chn, 3 adults attending


Supply cover for AC to attend Cross Country event



4 chn + AC

Supply for AC







Level 2 competition organized by Weston Rugby club

20 chn, 4 adults attending

Transport £115

Staffing £95








Transport £26

Staffing £95







Transport £50

Staffing £0

Year 5 and 6 boys and girls teams attended (10 children)

All children successfully participated and won medals at the end of the event.





4 children attended and demonstrated an eagerness to get involved and a great attitude throughout the event. Right from the end they couldn’t wait to get started supporting PE within the school. Lunchtime activities to begin in term 2


A great tournament where teams competed as countries. Helping to build links with a local rugby club.

The year 5/6 team made it to the final and the Year 3/4 team one their group.

Term 2











Swimming gala






Netball tournament
























Lunchtime activity

Level 2 competition at Nailsea School

8 chn, 2 adults attending

Usual LSA hours used


Level 2 competition

6 chn, 2 adults attending

Usual LSA hours used + KM



Year 5/6 level 2 event

11 chn, 3 adults

Usual LSA hours used + parental support



Year 5/6 level 1 competition. Held on netball court at school






Year 5/6 Level 2 knock out qualification match hosted at Uphill. AC hosted




Girl’s football match cancelled due to lack of interest.


Year 3/4 level 2 event






Sports Coach leading Year 5 sports leaders in delivering lunchtime sports activities on Thursdays


Transport £90

Staffing £7




Transport £60

Staffing £30




Transport £65

Staffing £0





Cost £0








Transport £0

Staffing £0









Transport £30

Staffing £16






Sports coach costings above

Children were successful and spoke enthusiastically about their participation



Children thoroughly enjoyed the event and represented the school well. LS and KM praised the children’s involvement.


The children did brilliantly well supporting each other and representing the school well. Finishing mid table was a good result for our team.


Following a term spent on netball, Year 5/6 classes competed against each other followed by finals between the winning teams from each class. Children enjoyed using skills they had developed during PE lessons in a safe competitive situation.


A knock-out match against St Marks. Competitively played but our boy’s team lost by 2 goals. Lots of commitment shown by our boys who were disappointed but sporting.


Consider further coaching for girl’s team prior to next year’s event.



A good opportunity for younger KS2 children to compete. The children joined in really well and loved the opportunity to go up against other schools.


Sports leaders willing and effective in supporting our sports coach each week. Sports Coach commented on the support and good attitude she got from the leaders.

Term 3

Sportshall Athletics





















Inclusive kurling







Lunchtime clubs

Level 2 competition at Hutton Moor


28 chn, 4 adults attending

AC attended but no supply required





Year 3/4 Level 2 competition at Gemini Gymastics Club in Nailsea.

10 chn, 2 adults attending


Year 5/6 Level 2 competition at Gemini Gymastics Club in Nailsea.

10 chn, 2 adults attending



Year 5/6 Level 2 competition for children who would usually participate in competitive inter-school competition

5 children, 3 adults


Sports Coach leading Year 5 sports leaders in delivering lunchtime sports activities on Thursdays

Transport £125

Staffing £0









Transport £90

Staffing £0




Transport £100

Staffing £0





Transport £90

Staffing £0







Sports coach costings above

Large number of pupils attended. They were nervous due to the size of the event but it was great experience.

The children were competitive and showed real determination. They supported each other and enjoyed themselves. A good event for children who are less familiar with larger scale competition.


In both the Year 3/4 and the Year 5/6 event, a mix of keen gymnasts with club membership and keen non-members participated and enjoyed themselves. They had to show commitment to learning the routines in their own time and all did well.





The children did brilliantly and competed well. They were invited to attend another round, which unfortunately we could not go to. A great, inclusive event.

Term 4

Hockey and Archery








Tag rugby


Year 5/6 level 2 competition

11 chn, 2 adults



Year 5/6 level 2 girl’s netball




Year 5/6 level 2 competion

11 chn, 2 adults

Transport £0

Staffing £0



Transport £100

Staffing £60



Transport £60

Staffing £60





Same as above. More coaching prior to the event would have made this more worthwhile for the participants.


Always a popular event. The team performed well.

Term 5












Lunchtime clubs





Year 2 cricket coaching

Aims: 1,2,3,6,7





Dance Festival

Aims: 4,6

Year 5/6 level 1 school competition. Three classes played games against each other

90 chn participating


Year 5/6 Level 2

12 chn, 2 adults attending




Sports Coach leading Year 5 sports leaders in delivering lunchtime sports activities on Thursdays


Somerset Cricket coach to provide 6 weeks of coaching





Year 3-6 dance club members to attend Dance Festival at Playhouse

Cost £0






Transport £90

Staffing £80





Sports coach costings above



Cost: free

(membership of Somerset Cricket detailed above)




Transport £90

Staffing £60

The children loved the opportunity to compete against their friends in other classes.




The team were competitive, thanks to PE lessons during Term 5 but more coaching could have produced a more cohesive team.


Numbers at lunchtime club dwindled during Term 5. Review required of activities and organisation.



Year 2s received 5 sessions. Children loved it and it was inclusive for the quieter girls. Games were simple and easy and could be run by Year 2 staff in the future.


Dance teacher led the dance club at the event after lots of preparation. The children’s behavior was outstanding and they performed really well.

Term 6

Sports Day









Festival of Sport



KS1 and KS2 sports days providing a rotation of inter house competitive activities and a range of competitive running races.





Sports leader from Year 10, Broadoak to host a rotation of sports for Years 2-6

Staffing £160









Staffing £280

A highly successful event showcasing the children’s love of activity and competitive spirit to parents/grandparents.

The Year 6 children demonstrated great encouragement and sports leader qualities through their support of activities during the KS1 sports day.


A brilliant event which provided opportunities for children to experience and compete in 8 different sports, some of which they would have never tried before.

Great at building ties with our local secondary school, Broadoak.

SECTION 3 - Further activities

After school sports clubs


  • Cross country

Term 1-6





  • Football

Term 2-6



  • KS1 multisports

Term 2-6



Average attendance 20. Run by AC and SG





Average attendance 12. Run by Sports Coach



Average attendance 12 Run by Sports Coach



Cost £0







Included in cost of Sports Coach provision





Ever popular club with a core of dedicated runners who return term after term. Occasionally attracting new runners some of whom are converted and continue to enjoy this sport.


Well attended initially but number declined from Term 4 onwards. Sports Coach provision to be reviewed for 2018-19


Free to parents – continued to keep club quite well attended. Sports Coach provision to be reviewed for 2018-19

SECTION 4 - Swimming

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


38/45 children

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke] when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


31/45 children

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


31/45 children

Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?