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2019-20 PE Plan & Evaluation

The total funds allocated to this PE Action Plan for 2019/20 is £22,532.

This includes our Sport Premium funding for 2019/20 of £18,660 and a carry-forward of £3,872 from our Sport Premium funding for 2018/19.


Our main aims for the funding are to:


  1. Improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision for our children
  2. Provide our staff with professional development to support the delivery of high quality PE lessons
  3. Provide increased opportunities for children to take part in intra and inter school competitions (level 1 and level 2)
  4. Explore opportunities to enhance the mental health and well-being amongst our children and staff
  5. Increase participation in extra-curricular sport in and out of school
  6. Provide opportunities for children to try new sports and activities
  7. Resource high quality PE equipment and resources



School Focus:



Evidence and Impact:

Increase children’s participation in sport through inter-school sporting competitions

(Aims 1,3,5,6)

Annual membership of North Somerset PE Association:

  • Provide opportunities for children to compete in level 2 competitions against other schools.
  • Access opportunities from membership of NSSPEA to provide CPD training for staff.


Participate in level 2 inter-school competitions:

  • Encourage children to represent the school who have not done so before.
  • Enter more than one team where possible to increase participation.
  • Provide sufficient staff to supervise children at inter-school competitions
  • Provide transport and staff to enable attendance at off-site events and competitions


Introduce Sports Co-ordinator role:

  • Organise attendance at inter-school sporting events
  • Develop and prepare children for participation in sporting events (during lunchtimes)
































Increase children’s participation in extra-curricular sporting activities

(Aims 1,5,6)

Use professional sports coaches to provide after-school sports clubs:

  • Provide opportunities for children to try new sports, e.g. archery, indoor kurling, pop lacrosse, boccia
  • Engage less active children in physical activities



Sports Co-ordinator to facilitate Level 1 sporting competitions in school:

  • 3 per year group
  • Lead sessions at lunchtime to develop children’s skills
  • Organise sporting competitions at lunchtime


Offer catch-up swimming lessons to Yr5 children not meeting National Curriculum requirements:

  • Up to 15 additional lessons provided














Included in above cost











Provide professional development for staff

(Aims 1,2,4,6)

Use professional sports coaches to deliver CPD to staff as required:

  • Target specific sports
  • xx sessions to be delivered at staff meetings throughout the year






Ensure high quality resources available for PE and sporting activities

(Aims 1,2,3,4,7,8)















Audit and monitor PE resources and equipment:

  • Ensure equipment is safe to use
  • Remove and replace damaged/lost equipment
  • Ensure resources are available for PE lessons and activities
  • Ensure competition kit is available when required


Purchase new gym mats:

  • Replace damaged mats
  • Ensure sufficient mats available for safe PE lessons


Purchase new sporting equipment:

  • Facilitate teaching of new sports/activities, e.g. indoor kurling, archery, pop lacrosse


Install additional all-weather surface area:

  • Additional outside space available all-year-round
  • Option to install appropriate apparatus, e.g. monkey bars


























Achieve School Games Mark

(Aims 3,5,6)



Make a successful application for the School Games Mark 2019/20:

  • Regularly review PE provision against criteria