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Before Starting School

We aim to make starting school as natural a step as possible, enabling your child to leave you happy and confident. Children vary greatly in their maturity and achievements when they join us, so please try not to compare your child with other children.
However, there are some things you can do to help your child to learn before starting school. These skills will help them settle more easily:
• Putting on and taking off their coat unassisted. We do this a lot of times during each day, so this helps enormously.
• Taking themselves to the toilet. We understand they may need help sometimes but this is something that gives them a huge amount of independence. 
• Dress and undress independently, including socks! PE lessons can take a very long time otherwise….PLEASE can you make sure all clothing has name tags in them, thirty sweatshirts all look the same.
• Sharing toys. We will always ensure children share, it's easier if they have learned this at home before starting with us. 
• Sharing and enjoying books. When your child starts at school they will be given the opportunity to choose a book to share with you at home. Your child will be heard to read as often as possible within school, through guided reading sessions and on a one-to-one basis, however, our input will be mainly in the teaching of reading skills. You can help your child by spending 5-10 minutes a day sharing their book with them. This gives them a love of reading, rather than it being a chore. 
• Writing their name. It is useful, but not essential, if your child can write their name before they start school. If they want to practice writing their name, please can you make sure they form their letters correctly as it is very difficult to undo bad habits once they are established, such as writing their name in capitals. There are some helpful activities below.


Remember, each child is unique so please don’t be worried if your child cannot do all or any of these things. One of the things we enjoy most about the early years stage,  is it enables each child to work at their own pace.


Below are some helpful activities you may want to try with your child over the next coming months. We have opened them out for you to see the activity to make it easier to choose which you would like to do. If you wish to download the file, please just click on the file link below each activity.