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Book Review of the Week

The last human


“because it’s really interesting and you want to keep reading and reading it and the more you read you get sad it’s near the end”



“because there’s a lot of cliff hangers”



”Because it sounds a lot like our four-seen future and it is very humorous.” 




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1.Judge the book. Is it good or bad? Why?


Private Peaceful is a good book because it is exiting and very interesting.

2.What is the genre? 


Private Peaceful’s genre is adventure.

3.Who is the audience? (i.e. age, reading level, interests, specialties…)

Private Peaceful’s audience should be for about 9 year old and upward because it has sensitive subjects of war and death.

4.What is the Style (casual, formal, light, humors, serious, scholarly . . .)

Private Peaceful’s style is serious but still humorous.

5.Was it easy or difficult to read? Fun and rewarding to read?

Private Peaceful is a funny, heart-wrenching book that really grips the reader.

6.What surprised you? Did you ever have an ah-ha moment while reading the book?

I was surprised when I realised the chapters of the book stood for the time it was whilst Tommo recalled his life so far.

7.What is your favorite quote from the book? Why?

"the sound of a thousand stuttering bees."

8.Does the book sparkle? A book that sparkles is fun to read, breaks new ground, communicates in memorable ways, uses images effectively, is accessible to a broad audience, and influences a significant readership to change their assumptions, beliefs, or ways of thinking.


Private Peaceful helps us to understand war and the effect on families..