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Worker of the Weeksmiley

This was given to the whole of Chandra class for their wonderful presentation about conservation.

Well done Chandra!

Terms 5 and 6


The children have been extremely busy over the last two terms. They have engaged fully with our topic, 'How Green is our planet?' bringing in lots of things to share and finding out about the rain forests of the world.


The children have been writing about the amazing journey of the one time Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton,  who kayaked down the Amazon River in 2010, to raise money for the charity Sport's Relief. They enjoyed finding out about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

We are currently working on the wonderful book, 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry. The children have written some beautiful descriptions of settings using Wow words and will soon be working on a persuasive letter to argue why the tree should not be chopped down. 

Since we began this topic, we have found out a lot about endangered animals. The children have been researching facts about endangered rainforest animals and then presenting what they have discovered.


In science, we have been working on animals and their environment. We have grouped animals according to their characteristics. We have found out about vertebrates and invertebrates. On Monday, we went up to the pond and had great fun looking for invertebrates. Pond dipping was great fun and we found some pond snails, water fleas, water boatmen and rams horn snails.


I would also like to congratulate the children on their wonderful Conservation presentation and fund raiser which was held on Thursday 20th June. They recited the poem, 'Our Beautiful Planet' brilliantly, said their words clearly and sang with lots of expression. Well done children.




Our Conservation Presentation

We had a great time on our woodland walk. The children took part in a scavenger hunt and found some interesting things from unusual seed pods, leaves, stones, a golf ball, (much to Fin's delight) and even a marble. As we wandered around the woods, we tried to identify some of the trees and plants that we saw. We also did some leaf rubbings to help with identification back in the classroom.

Woodland adventure

                                      frownTerm 4frown

Well the final week of Term 4 is upon us and what a busy and fun packed term it has been.

We have been continuing with our science work on sound. Following our lesson on pitch, we discovered that musical instruments have a high and a low pitch.  We had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of musical instruments and we found out that thicker strings have a lower pitch then thinner strings. 

Making string telephones was great fun and we had the opportunity to test these outside. After lots of experimenting, we discovered that pulling the string taut, allows the sound to travel down the string so our friends can hear us speak.  


Budding journalists 

In English we have been writing newspaper articles based on the story, 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. We began by looking at the features of a newspaper, we tried out our interview techniques on each other, we then carefully planned our reports and finally we wrote them up. 


In maths we have been really busy working on decimal numbers. We have converted tenths and hundredths into decimals, compared and ordered decimals on a number line. 


Mrs Woods and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of Chandra Class a super Easter Holiday. Have fun and stay safe. 


Hold the deadline! Looking at the features of newspaper reports.

Finding out about pitch

This week we have been really busy writing some persuasive arguments about the curse of King Tutankhamen. First, we held a debate with some members of the class arguing that there was a curse while others argued that there was no such thing. We then decided if we were for the motion, 'The tomb of Tutankhamen is cursed' or against it. We carefully planned our arguments and then wrote them trying to persuade others about our point of view.  

Debating and writing a persuasive argument

Experiments showing how sound travels.

This week in science we have been finding out about sound. We have discovered that sounds are made when a sound source vibrates. Carrying lots of experiments, gave use the opportunity to find out that sound can travel through gases, solids and liquids. We learnt that sound travels in waves when particles hit one another. 

In science we have been finding out about light and sound. We really enjoyed our trip to We the Curious. Enjoy our photos!

Thank you Mrs Gould for giving up your time and coming to help. 

Investigating mirrors and reflection

                                                    World Book Day 2019

Well done to all the children and staff who dressed up for World Book Day. Chandra class was full of characters from the Harry Potter Books,  fairy tales, fantasy stories and many, many more fantastic books.  Enjoy the photos!

'Can you walk like an Egyptian?'

Our school caretaker Robin, very kindly visited Chandra class to tell us about his amazing trip to Egypt and the pyramids. We found out lots of amazing facts. Did you know that the Great Pyramid faces very precisely north or that it took over twenty years to complete? Robin also brought in lots of artefacts for us to look at and a DVD to watch. Thank you Robin for sharing your knowledge with us.

Robin telling us about his trip to Egypt and he pyramids

Following our Egyptian day, Declan mummified his toy kitten!

What an amazing day! Chandra Class was taken over by a host of Ancient Egyptians, archaeologists and tomb raiders.

During the morning, we found out some facts about the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun. We drew his death mask, carried out some research and made clay scarab bettles.

We also welcomed to our school the world famous Egyptologist Doctor Jones who told us lots of amazing facts about the land of Ancient Egypt. Through drama, we discovered why people first settled in the land of Egypt, why the River Nile is so important and how to mummify a body. Dr Jones also brought in lots of artefacts for us to look at. 

Term 3


We have been very busy over the last few weeks. The children are really enjoying our topic on, 'Can you walk like an Egyptian?' and it has been great to see their engagement and enthusiasm.

Well done Manny for taking the time to create a great PowerPoint about Egypt after a visit to see the mummies in Bristol Museum.  

The children especially enjoyed our trip to The Playhouse to see a performance of 'Awful Egyptians'. We learnt some amazing facts about tombs, mummies and pharaohs. 


In English we have been reading 'Varjak Paw' a story about a kitten who has to save his family from a sinister gentleman and some menacing black cats. We have been acting out parts of the story, writing descriptions and carrying out some reading challenges.  

Maths has seen us solving problems involving fractions. We have been learning about different fractions, making a whole and how to find fractions of different amounts.  

Well done to everyone who has been learning their times tables. Please keep it up. I am very proud of you all. 


The children have also enjoyed using the running track. As a school, we are aiming to run the world by the end of the academic year. Chandra class are eager to run at every opportunity and they are leaving me feeling quite exhausted. 

Drama session about Varjak Paw

Term 2

I can't believe that we have completed two weeks of the second term. The children have settled back into school well and have been working very hard. In English this week they have been finding out about the features of a non-chronological report in readiness for writing their own report on the Romans. During maths sessions we have been getting to grips with column subtraction and learning the four times table. 

Looking at the features of a non-chronological report

Using place value counters, to solve subtraction problems.

Athletics Fun

Chris Millard, who is from Weston Athletics, visited school on Wednesday 14th November and held a running session. He helped us to improve our running technique and explained the importance of not giving up even way things get tough. As you can see from the above photos, we had a great time. 

Our picture to commemorate the end of World War One.

On Friday 9th November we remembered all those who perished in the First World War. Chandra class all worked together to create a picture entitled, 'Field of Memories'.   

Well our first term is over and the children have now settled down into their new year groups. 

Thank you to all of the parents who attended parents evening. If for any reason you were unable to attend, then please make an appointment to see me after school for a quick chat.


Next term we will be focusing on the Romans. If you have time over the half term here are some places that you might like to visit:

  • the Roman Baths, Bath
  • Caerleon Roman Fortress, Newport, (admission free)
  • Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire, (National Trust)

We really hope that you all enjoyed Chandra's class assembly on the Stone Age. I was so proud of the girls and boys as it can be very daunting performing in front of the whole school.

I would like to say a big thank you to Ms Mabberley for the fantastic PowerPoint, to Mrs Osment for being so supportive of the children and to Mrs Counsell for popping the photos on to the website.

Thanks ladies!

Over the past few weeks we have been very busy finding out about the Stone Age. As part of our topic, we have discovered how our distant ancestors lived, learnt how to make a fire and found out about some amazing Stone Age inventions.


On Thursday 11th October we went on a trip to Cheddar Caves. During the day, we walked up to the top of Jacob's Ladder and meet some friendly goats. We visited the museum and looked at lots of interesting artefacts. We meet Stone Age Andy who shared his knowledge of the Stone Age. Andy told us about the animals our Stone Age ancestors ate, the types of tools they used and how they made the discovery of fire. Well done Phoebe for explaining that it was probably due to a lightning strike that fire was first discovered. 

Exploring Gough's Cave, was fascinating. We found out that Cheddar Man, who is Britain's oldest complete skeleton, was discovered buried inside the cave. As we travelled further underground, we saw stalagmites and stalactites and other strange rock formations. There was even one that looked like a frozen river. 


Many thanks to Mrs Lovell, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Moir and Mrs Sampson who gave up their time to come and help us. 

Our Trip to Cheddar

At the top of Jacob's Ladder
Meeting Andy the hunter gather

In English we have been studying the book, 'Stone Age, Bone Age' and we are now currently working on 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We have written a Stone Age story and we having been using adjectives and a variety of sentence types to make our written work more interesting. Over the next week we will be learning to write instructions.

During our maths sessions we have been learning about place value and rounding up or down to the nearest 10 or 100. 

We used counters and Base 10 apparatus to solve place value problems.

Stone Age Capers

Alfie and Katie meet our Stone Age scarecrow

Stone Age drama

Tickling trout
Making a fire
Stone Age medicine!

Following instructions on how to make a Stone Age fire

Kitty makes a fire
Kitty dressed up as a Stone Age girl and the rest of the class gave her instructions on how to make a fire.