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Chandra, Sputnik & Voyager Yr 3/4

School Closure - Home Learning for Year 3/4

Hello Parents/Carers and Year 3/4 children,


Thank you to everyone who has contacted us using the year 3/4 email address ( All teachers have been monitoring and replying to your emails as soon as is possible. We will continue to do this Monday-Friday between 8.30am and 3.30pm. You are welcome to contact us anytime and we will endeavour to respond during these times. 


Every weekday we will continue to post activities and home learning for you to complete on this page. You will have been sent home a book for you to record this learning in and we will be very excited to see these when you return to school. Other activities will be added from time to time so be sure to check. As well as sharing your learning; we have also loved seeing some of the other things that you have been doing during this time. Please do continue to share pictures using our email - we have a fabulous gallery of excellence taking shape which you can check out below!  


Daily expectations:


- Complete the daily English tasks following the powerpoint

- Complete the daily Maths tasks following the powerpoint 

- Complete either the daily sumdog or daily tt rockstars challenge


Complete one of the following each day (choose a different one each day) as well as daily spellings from the spelling list

- Project task (science or geography based)

- Reading Task

- Writing Task 

At some point during the day:

- Complete 1 of the optional 'celebrity' activities 


Please enjoy each others company and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

If you have any questions, please do contact on the year 3/4 email address.


The Year 3/4 Team

Welcome to the Y3/4 class pages. These will keep you up-to-date with the teaching and learning taking place in each of the three classes as well as pass on any important dates and information for upcoming events.


For more information on each class, please click on the class pencil icon below. 

Welcome to Year 3/4

Meet the Team

Sputnik Class Teachers- Mrs S Counsell (Mon-Weds) and Mrs S Allsopp (Thur-Fri)

Chandra Class Teacher - Mrs H Maynes

Voyager Class Teacher - Mr J Huntley

HLTA - Mrs F Cobley

LSAs - Mrs K James and Mrs A Clapson

1:1 support assistants - Mrs J Colis


yes Key Dates for Term 3 and 4 yes

Monday 6th January - Start of Term 3

Swimming for Sputnik begins Tuesday 14th January

Friday 14th February - End of Term 3


Monday 24th February - Start of Term 4

Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March - Parents Evening 

Friday 3rd April - End of Term 4




Dear Parents, 

The children now have access to TT Rock Stars. Their user names and passwords are at the front of their home school diaries. They do need to put in the school name - Uphill before they can log on.

TT Rock Stars is a great resource to help children learn their times tables.

This is an additional website that the children can use to help them consolidate their understanding of times tables.

Their main homework continues to be Sumdog and please be aware that we set both maths and English activities weekly. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our New project 

Our project this term is called, 'Were the Vikings Vicious?' and our big idea is chronological significance.

Over the next two terms we will finding out many amazing facts about the Vikings such as where they came from, why they invaded Britain and how they get here. We will also have the opportunity to meet Bjorn Magnusson, (a 'real' Viking warrior) and re-enact a beach raid. 

Want something to keep the children entertained over the half term break?

Weston Museum is holding a history week over the half term break. There is a Viking Explorers Workshop on February 20th 2020.

Viking Beach Raid 03/02/20

Art Club's night in the city scenes

Art Club's night in the city scenes 1
Art Club's night in the city scenes 2
Art Club's night in the city scenes 3
Art Club's night in the city scenes 4
Art Club's night in the city scenes 5

More art club pictures

More art club pictures 1
More art club pictures 2
More art club pictures 3
More art club pictures 4
In art club, we created some complementary cats. We used complementary colours to make our pictures. 



Our project for Term 1 is called, 'Why are black rhinos disappearing?'

We will be answering the questions: why it is important to protect rhinos; why they are facing extinction and what is conservation?

We will also meeting Ben the explorer who will be telling lots of black rhino facts. 


We have been working hard on our project about rhinos and discovering lots of interesting facts. 

Project Launch

This morning we had a visit from Ben the Explorer, who came to talk to all of us about the exciting work that he is doing on rhino conservation. Ben has been all over the world working on conservation projects. He talked about some of his previous adventures such as paddle boarding down the Blue Nile in Ethiopia and diving along British coastline to highlight the plastic peril. 

Currently, he is working in South Africa helping to protect injured and orphaned rhinos. Over the next weeks, we will be in contact with Ben finding out more about his work, asking questions and learning lots of new facts.

Ben the Explorer talking to Lower Key Stage 2

Ben the Explorer talking to Lower Key Stage 2 1
Ben the Explorer talking to Lower Key Stage 2 2
Ben the Explorer talking to Lower Key Stage 2 3

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our meeting this morning. As mentioned in the meeting, the Year 4 children will be doing a times tables test in the Summer term. Please find details of websites that help with learning times tables; (There are lots of games on this website)