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Chandra, Sputnik & Voyager Yr 3/4 Archive: 2016-2017

Welcome to Year 3/4

Meet the Team

Sputnik Class Teacher - Mrs S Counsell (Mon-Wed) and Mrs S Allsopp (Thur-Fri)

Chandra Class Teachers - Mrs H Maynes (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs D Woods (Fri)

Voyager Class Teachers - Mr J Huntley

HLTA - Mrs T Owen

LSA - Mrs K James and Mrs Clapson 

yes Key Dates for this term  yes

Monday 24th April: Start of Term 5 for pupils

Wednesday 26th April - Friday 28th April: Y4 Great Wood Residential

Tuesday 16th May: Sputnik Class Assembly

Friday 26th May: End of Term 5

Monday 5th June: INSET - school closed to children

Tuesday 6th June: Start of Term 6

Friday 16th June: Trip to Bristol Zoo

Friday 21st July: End of Term 6 - Summer Holiday



All about term 6

Project Title - How green is our planet?

Big Idea - Conservation



This term we will be continuing with our rainforest themed topic and looking in more depth at rainforest wildlife and tribes. In science our topic is life processes and living things and we will be looking at classifying animals and examining habitats. Similarly in computing, we will be using textease branch to create our own classification branching databases to sort rainforest animals. In maths the focus will be on angles and the 'table of the term' is the 7 times table. Finally in English, we will be reading a story about Krindlekrax and writing a diary entry linking to Helen Skelton's trip along the Amazon river.


WoW moments for this term: Trip to Bristol Zoo including a rainforest experience workshop and a rainforest fundraiser which will be open to the local community, children and parents with the aim of raising money to buy and protect an area of rainforest.

An Amazon Adventure!

This week in English sessions, we have been watching videos linking to Helen Skelton's rainforest challenge, which she completed in 2010 for Sport Relief. We listened to the challenges she faced and the conditions that she had to paddle in with the aim of writing a recount in third person detailing her journey. Helen showed us the changing scenery and explained that the further down the river, the choppier the waves.

'Did you know that the Amazon river starts in Peru and then crosses the boarder into Brazil?' - Gracie


Our trip to Bristol Zoo & the Rainforest Experience

As part of our rainforest topic, we attended a rainforest experience workshop at Bristol Zoo. We were lucky enough to handle and touch 3 animals that you would find in the rainforest. We looked at and discussed which animal or insect is the most dangerous one living in the rainforest and most of us were surprised to find out that it was the mosquito! We developed our knowledge of the rainforest further by discussing the layers of the rainforest and where rainforests are located. After our workshop, we explored the zoo to see how many rainforest insects and animals we could find. Finally, we went into the butterfly house to experience first hand a typical humid rainforest weather experience.

'Now I know what humid feels like' - Joshua

'I learnt that male cockroaches have horns' - Neve

'I learnt that 1800 football pitches of rainforest are cut down every hour' - Stan

'I learnt that mosquitos are the most dangerous animal to humans that live in the rainforest' - Fred

Science Mini Project - Classifying and sorting pond life.


This week in Science we have been looking at classifying and recording data. So far we have used and created our own Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and Branching databases in both science and ICT to classify a range of animals and insects. We have been lucky enough to visit our school pond and go pond dipping. We recorded the data in a tally chart before classifying it using criteria of our choice. Moving forward, we will be using this data in maths to create a bar chart and a pictogram.

'I love science' - Kaeden

'Let's use our magnifying glass to see what type of snail it is' - Jared

'Classify means sorting' - Gracie


Rainforest Structure Challenge

This week we enjoyed completing a challenge in our learning partners. It required us to work as part of a team and take turns. We needed a good memory and eye for detail too! The challenge was to look at the picture (which was split into boxes) and then go back to our partner and explain what we saw. They then had to draw it. The end product was an image of the layers of the rainforest which was labelled with topical vocabulary.

'This is so fun' - Maddie

'I didn't know decomposers were bugs' - Mia

Key Stage 2 - Sporting Events Day

Last Friday, Year 3/4 took part in the key stage 2 sporting day. Children from Broadoak School came to teach us a range of new and exciting sports for us to try. The sports included: blindfolded football, badminton, French Cricket, Boccia,, handball, curling, tri-golf and volleyball.

Term 5 - Great Wood was Great!

Day 1: den building
Day 1: evening activity - jumblies!
Day 2: rocket building and launching
Day 2: one match challenge
Day 2: dam building
Day 2: duck racing
Day 2: low ropes
Day 2: camp fire; hot chocolate and marshmallows
Day 3: tracking and trailing

Year 4 have returned from a fun packed, activity filled few days away at Great Wood. We all had a fabulous time and were fed well by the team there during our stay. The days whizzed by and children were able to challenge themselves by taking part in lots of new activities which we all enjoyed. Much fun was had by all and we returned to school all ready for an early night on Friday!


Wednesday 26th April - Friday 28th April


Year 4 are off for their residential at Great Wood in the first week back!


We are really looking forward to an action packed few days - the weather is looking like it should be sunny but cold so make sure that your children are prepared with the correct kit. Please make sure it is all clearly labelled with you child's name!


Please see above links for the presentation from our parent information meeting, the programme of activities for the trip and the kit list for a reminder of what to prepare/expect.


On the morning of the trip:

  • Arrive at school at the usual time.
  • Make sure luggage is clearly labelled - this can be left in the front playground. If wet, please take it to the hall.
  • Please remember to bring BLUE medical forms with you when you drop your child off - these need to be handed to Mrs Owen, along with any medication, current or preventative that your child may need.
  • Y4 children need to go to Chandra class to be registered.
  • Parents are welcome to stay in the front playground, help load bus or return to wave us off at approximately 9.30am.
  • We will let you know when we have arrived via the text system.


On our return:

  • We plan to be back at around 3pm.
  • The luggage will be unloaded before the children.
  • If there are any changes to these arrangements we will let school know as soon as possible. 


Please don't hesitate to speak to any of the staff if you have any questions before we depart.


Term 4


The last few weeks have seen us working on the book, "The Egyptian Cinderella." We have been writing character descriptions and newspaper articles. Next we will be finding out about the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 by Howard Carter. Why not look in books and on the internet for some amazing facts about this remarkable find!


We are also busy getting ready for our production of, "The Boy King," so keep learning your lines and practising your singing. This year we will perform a matinee on Tuesday 28th March at 1.45pm and an evening performance on Wednesday 29th March at 6.30pm. 


Maths has seen us working on decimals and fractions. We been ordering decimals and solving real life problems using fractions.

Remember to do you Sumdog homework which is set weekly.


Egyptian WOW Day

Meeting Professor Jones - Eygyptologist
Profesor Jones tells us all about his discoveries!
Finding out what tools are needed for exploration

Last week lots of Ancient Egyptians, archeologists and explorers arrived at Uphill School for our WOW Day.

Famous archaeologist Professor Jones shared his expertise on Ancient Egypt. We found out some amazing facts including: why people settled along the River Nile; what life was like for Ancient Egyptians; who was in charge and the gruesome process of mummification. Despite all of this, we still enjoyed cooking and eating lots of yummy Egyptian food. Other activities involved drawing Tutankhamun's death mask and creating highly decorative coffins. A great time was had by all and the children looked amazing in their wonderful costumes.

Rev. Madeley visits Y3/4 to talk about Jesus and his miracles

Year 3/4 are learning about Christianity this term in RE. They are focussing on Jesus and his miracles. Rev. Madeley shared a story about how Jesus healed a paralytic man. Jesus told the man his sins were forgiven and to get up and walk away, and so he did!  

Voyager Class Assembly

Seven continents - our rhyme to help us learn!
 When were the ancient Egyptian times?
Pyramid facts...
Pastel art work from our WOW day
Egyptian Mastermind - with presenter 'Indy Jones'
Team Voyager

In term 3/4 our project is:

 'How did they do that?' The Egyptians.


We started our project with a project launch day where we explored pyramids and discovered why they were important to the ancient Egyptians. We wanted to explore:


  • Why were they built?
  • How were they built?
  • When were they built?
  • How long did they take to build?


We took part in three activities: research, model building and art. The day was really fun and we are looking forward to learning more about the ancient Egyptians!

Pyramid WOW Day!

Term 1 and 2 - 'Would you like to be a time traveller?'

The Romans


Some questions we have asked:

How large was the Roman Empire? George

When did the Romans invade Britain? Harry

What food did Romans eat? Ella

What were their houses like? Zac

Who was Julius Caesar? Ollie


Would you like to be a time traveller? Topic Web for Terms 1 and 2

Welcome back we hope that you had an enjoyable break and are ready to do lots of learning.


We have enjoyed finding out about The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.Over the last few weeks, we have been discovering a whole host of facts about these fascinating times in our history. We have found out about Stone Age homes, Stonehenge, Skara Brae, fire making and what people ate.


During Term 2 we will be learning about The Romans. If you have the opportunity why not visit Caerleon in Wales and see the amphitheatre, barracks and museum. The Roman Baths in Bath are also a fascinating place to visit.


In Maths we have been learning to tell the time using both analogue and 24 hour clocks. We have also been solving lots of time problems and puzzles. Remember that you can find  your Maths homework on Sumdog.


Our Science work has focused on rocks and soils. We have discovered how fossils are formed and carried out some pretty messy experiments.

Over the last few weeks we have all been very busy getting back into the swing of being at school. We have had fun making new friends and in some cases becoming familiar with new classes and teachers.


During our trip to Cheddar Gorge and Caves, we all had a brilliant time, (even though at times it was a little on the damp side). We spent time exploring the caves and finding out more about Stone Age times. Did you know that they found one of the oldest skeletons in Western Europe in these caves? Cheddar man is over 9,000 years old and we found this fact amazing. His real skeleton can be found in the British Museum in London.


We have been finding out more cool facts about our ancient ancestors. We have discovered that they made tools using flint and obsidian. They invented fire, wheeled transport and had pets. 


Currently in English, we are working on "Ug" by Raymond Briggs and shortly we shall been reading "Stig of the Dump." We have writing character descriptions and we will shortly be creating our own Ug stories.


Maths has been great fun. During our second week back at school, we faced lots of maths challenges for example we tried really hard to make the numbers 1 to 20 using just four fours. We have been working on place value and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


Homework webpage link - Sumdog
Here are some useful websites which are linked to our current topic - Would you like to be a time traveller?
Useful Educational Websites: