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Council Crew

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives all  children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Uphill Primary School believes that everybody should have a voice and a say. 


In September 2015, we renamed school council - 'Council Crew' as together we are all crew members.

There are 15 council crew teams led by Year 6 pupils. Each week the Year 6’s meet, prior to the council crew meetings,

to discuss the next agenda item ready to share with their crew. 

Pupils are actively involved with the decision making process in our school and contributes

to the school’s charter which includes the school community.

Handover advice from the previous Year 6 children





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Agenda 2018- 2019


Giving children the ability and confidence to present ideas is essential to success in our current world. Our Council Crew provides a safe child- led environment to do just this. Each week the children have the opportunity to discuss and debate a thought provoking or current affairs issue to help develop these skills.


We support them to do this by providing them with sentence stems that they can use

I agree and furthermore.... I have decided that.... My point is.....

I see it differently because..... We also have to consider.....I think something different....


Issues to debate for terms 3 and 4



Discussion question

Term Three

Week 1

National Pizza Week

Should everyone speak the same language?

Week 2


No name-calling Week

What colour is Wednesday?

Week 3

Hunt for happiness Week

Where does the sky start?

Week 4

National Story telling Week

If elephants ruled the world, what changes would you see?

Week 5


Can you have a friend that you don’t really like?

Week 6

Random Acts of Kindness Week

If you say sorry but don’t mean it, but the person you say it to thinks that you do, does it count?

Term Four

Week 1


If you read a newspaper or a book in a shop without paying for it, is that stealing?

Week 2

If we moved the entire school, with everything and everyone in it, to Africa, would it still be the same school?

Week 3

World Book Day

What type of books do you enjoy? Who is your favourite author?


Week 4

National Shakespeare Week

Can I be accused of cheating if I don’t know the rules?

Week 5


If the hands fall off my clock, is it still a clock?

Week 6


Would you have your sense of humour removed for one million pounds?


Issues to debate for terms 1 and 2




Discussion question

Term One

Week 1


Which is more important, being right or being nice?

Week 2


European Day of Languages National Fitness Day

How do you keep fit and how do you help others to keep fit?

Week 3

National Poetry Day

Is there more future or more past?

Week 4

Chocolate Week World Mental Health Day

What things in life make you feel anxious?

Week 5

National Baking Week World Values Day

We have our school values but what values are important to you?

Week 6


Is something boring because of it or because of you?

Term Two

Week 1


Is there more happiness or more sadness in the world?

Week 2

Anti-bullying Week World Kindness Day

Is it ever right to bully a bully?

Week 3


Which is heavier – lies or promises?

Week 4

World Anger Day

What are the triggers to making you angry?

Week 5

Human Rights Day

‘Children in Britain have the right to an education’. What does education mean to you?

Week 6


What do you wish for this Christmas that isn’t a present?

Agenda 2017- 2018

We are encouraging the children to discuss and debate using a thought provoking or current issue for a stimulus

below are questions that the children have discussed as part of their meeting so far this year.

The children are also given sentence stems to help them shape their answers an example could be:

I agree and furthermore.... I have decided that.... My point is.....

I see it differently because..... We also have to consider.....I think something different....

Week Subject

Term One

Week One

Is doing your best better than being the best?
Week Two Can you think without using words?
Week Three What do adults do in the school to help keep you safe? What can you do?
Week Four

How involved do you feel in the decisions that are made about school? Can you give examples of things

that have changed because adults have listened to your ideas?

Week Five

Apart from PE lessons, how does the school keep you active? Are there other ways that school could

keep you active?

Term Two

Week One

Do we depend on the internet or computers too much?
Week Two What do you think works best to stop bullying? What would you do if you saw someone being bullied?
Week Three If you lived forever, would you be bored?
Week Four If you could take a pill that meant you would never fail - would you?
Week Five Should we still send Christmas Cards? What purpose do they have? What else could we do?

Term Three

Week One

What acts of kindness could you show other people?

How does this help make school a better place?

Week Two Which do you prefer pink or green comments on your work? Why?
Week Three How do you keep safe on the internet? What worries do you have?
Week Four Are rules meant to be broken?
Week Five What type of books grab your attention the most? If we could buy a new book - what would it be?

Term Four

Week One

Do Easter eggs truly represent Easter?
Week Two Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and pretty?
Week Three Do ideas come from inside or outside your head?
Week Four Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?
Term Five No Council Crew due to Year 6 SATs preparation

Term Six

Week One

Is winning or taking part more important?
Week Two Why do we dream?
Week Three What does it mean to lead a happy life?
Week Four Does a person's name influence the person they become?
Week Five What two questions would you ask to get to know someone?
Week Six Can things always stay the same? Why is change important?




Agenda 2016-2017

Here is what we have discussed so far:


14 October 2016


House Captain/Vice Captain – What is fair?

4 November 2016

Network 17 – shoe box appeal.


11 November 2016

Recycling bins – What recycling bins should we have?


18 November 2016

Recycling bins – Where should we put them in the playground? How would we know to put the correct recycling in the correct bin?

25 November 2016

Lunchtime behaviour policy.

Christmas Post Box – located in information area.

Three house points – Crew leaders to give out house points to crew members.

16 December 2016

Network 17 – Big ideas for the school (collect ideas from the children) to bid for £500 towards a big idea.

20 January 2017

Network 17 feedback regarding the Big idea


27 January 2017

How can we show respect around the school?

What difference would we see?


3 February 2017

Recycling bins – update


10 February 2017

Healthy Schools – what equipment would children like for the playground? We have £250.00 to spend.

1st March 2017

Shed for playtime equipment.

Sports Day ideas.

9th March 2017

Reflect on Monday's assembly - Courage with Grit.

How can we avoid balls going over the fence or hedge?

23rd May 2017

Thoughts and Feelings

20th April 2017 Science shed by the pond
27th April 2017 What activities would you like the Positive Play prefects at lunchtime to organise in the Summer term?
4 May 2017

Check-in - What did you do over the bank holiday weekend?

25 May 2017 The Rights of children
15th June 2017 Beach Hut - Do you think it's a good idea?
29th June 2017 Science Questionnaire
13th July 2017 Table Tennis - Can you suggest a way to share this in a fair way?
We would love to share what we have been doing with you. Phase one of our recycling project is almost complete. We will feed back to you as soon as we can.