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Thank you!

Thank you for all the brilliant work you have shared with us over the time time we have been away from school. We really love seeing what you have been up to and miss you loads! Click here to hear a message from Mrs Allsopp.

Your Amazing Work

As we move into our summer term we would love to have even more excellent examples of the work you are doing at home to share with everyone. Please continue to send this in to our year 3/4 email. We love seeing all your pictures and photos. Some of you have been sending in word or ppt documents and also short video clips so we are sharing some of these here too! The amount of effort you are going to whilst working from home is just brilliant...

Luke and his sister playing with magnets.

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Luke carefully designed and made a magnetic road game.

WOW - exciting letter writing!

WOW - exciting letter writing! 1
WOW - exciting letter writing! 2
During the time we've been away from school, Emilia has been busy writing letters. She wrote one to David Attenborough, asking all about Rhinos because we had learned all about them this year in our Rhino Project. She had drawn a fab picture of a lion on it too. She was lucky enough to get a reply - how exciting! 

Rosalind's London Presentation

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Ari's Flowers of the UK Presentation

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If you should meet a crocodile!

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Ruby performs the poem, 'If you should meet a crocodile'.

Billie's alternatives to the word said!.mp4

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Annabel's facts about the

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