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How Do We Deliver Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum At Uphill Primary School


We see our curriculum as everything we say and do in our school so it is far more than the subjects we teach or the projects we design. It enables us to support our children to flourish and for them to help others’ to do so. 


Our school curriculum is drawn from the National Curriculum for England, which sets out the content and programmes of study for maintained primary schools. We view the national curriculum as an entitlement for children in our school to access all subjects, thus providing them with a broad and balanced education that acknowledges the significance of English, mathematics and Science but equally the importance of the Arts, History, Music, Languages, Geography, Technology, Computing, Religious Education and British values in a modern world. 


Our school curriculum is organised in a thematic way, into projects. This is to enable children and teachers to make connections across subjects and disciplines and supports language use across subjects through big ideas. We infuse our school curriculum with first hand experiences and activities that engage them in our local community and service to others’. Each project will also have a ‘Presentation of Understanding’ which will require the children to plan a large exhibition, event, play, resources, publications etc. that require them to share their learning with others. In this way, we are able to develop both academic learning as well as character traits such as collaboration, communication, planning skills, courage and entrepreneurship. 


Our school curriculum projects are also based on big ideas or concepts that help drive understanding for children such as change, adaptation, cause and effect, difference, courage. This enables us to make many connections across the whole curriculum as these big ideas appear across subjects, year groups and are timeless.