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Induction Arrangements

To ensure the transition into our Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) is as happy as possible we operate a staggered entry. Even if your child is used to being at a Nursery or Pre-school all day, a whole day in school can be daunting and very tiring. 


Please remember our school gates open at 8.35am and children are expected to be in class and ready for registration no later than 8.45am.


Please be aware our transition arrangements are dependent on Government guidelines relating to Covid-19 and may be subject to change.  


Therefore in the first two weeks children will follow this timetable;


Week 1 - During this first week (w/c 1st September) parents will be invited to drop their child into a 'stay and play' session on the afternoon of either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Therefore children will only attend for one afternoon during this week. Details of which session your child will attend will be sent to you over the coming weeks.


Tuesday 1st September                INSET DAY     School closed to pupils


Wednesday 2nd September                              1.15pm – 3.15pm - By invitation only     


Thursday 3rd September                                  1.15pm – 3.15pm - By invitation only


Friday 4th September                                      1.15pm – 3.15pm - By invitation only


Week 2

Monday 7th September                                   8.45am – 1.10pm (lunch included)


Tuesday 8th September                                  8.45am – 1.10pm (lunch included)


Wednesday 9th September                              8.45am – 1.10pm (lunch included)


Thursday 10th September                                8.45am – 1.10pm (lunch included)


Friday 11th September                                    8.45am – 1.10pm (lunch included)


Week 3

From Monday 14th September                       8.45am – 3.15pm 

Our School Day looks like this:


The school gates open at 8.35am and all children must be in their classroom ready for registration at 8.45am. Parents must have left the classroom by 8.45am to allow time for the children to settle. Your child is encouraged to put their own coat and book bag away, fill up their water bottle and be ready for registration independently. If your child is upset when you leave school don’t worry they usually settle quickly and we will contact you if there is a problem.


If for any reason you arrive at school after 8.45am you will need to sign your child in at the school office. Likewise, if you need to take your child out of school during the school day you will need to go to the school office to collect your child.


The school day varies depending on the activities planned. However, the outline of the day is:

8.45am    -  Registration

10.30am  -  Breaktime

10.45am  -  Lessons resume

12.10pm  -  Lunch

13.10pm  -  Lessons resume

14.30pm  -  Breaktime

14.40pm  -  Lessons resume

15.15pm  -  End of Day



If your child is ill and cannot attend school, please telephone the school absence line 01934 626769 option 1 before 9am. If your child is ill with diarrhoea or vomiting, they must remain absent from school for 48 hours from cessation.


Our full Attendance Policy and in term holiday request information and forms can be found on our website. Click on the link below to visit our Attendance Page