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Fred Barker.

What is it like to having the most lines in a play and to have the responsibility to learn all of them?


It is quite nice because it gives you something to do and you can practise with your friends. 

Peter Briffit 

What did you enjoy about Charter hose? “I enjoyed caving and the other activities.

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What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is green.

What is your favourite animal? Polar bears.

What is your favourite book? The Harry Potter series.

Are you looking forward to working at Uphill? I am.

What is your favourite number? 13.

Miss Ware

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Who inspired you to do art? My Dad

What is your favorite thing to do with art? sketching

What is your favorite animal? A meerkat 


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What is you’re favourite colour? Red


What is you’re favourite book?  Tom gates


What is you’re favourite animal? Puma


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Stan Barker is this terms Tom Tait winner we have asked him some questons about himself.


what is your favourite colour?

“ My favouite colour is orange.”


what at is your favourite animal?

”My favourite animal is a unicorn but then it’s a dog.”


What is your favourite sport?

“My favourite sport is running.”



















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Lincoln- House Captain of Hawks

We interviewed Lincoln because he is a motivator for Hawks. These are the questions we asked him.


How do you motivate people?

‘I motivate people by telling them to continue in sport and games.’


What is your favourite sport?

‘My favourite sport is football.’


What is your favourite colour?

‘My favourite colour is green.’

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How do you motivate people​​?


I encourage everyone to work hard and try there best in every subject.



What's your favourite colour?


My favourite colour is blue because its the colour of the sky.



What's your favorite breed of dog?


My favourite breed of dog is a boxer.