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Year 5 maths task

Activity 1: There is no White Rose activity to complete today. Try to work systematically to solve the Number dice investigation below. What are all the possibilities?


Activity 2: You can go onto Hegarty and complete the task set for you.

Now try the Memri Quiz. This quiz is personalised to what you need to improve on in Maths. Remember to watch the video first!

Year 6 tasks


Good morning Year 6s and welcome to your last maths activity of year 6!  We are so proud of the way you have been learning from a distance.  I hope you have a glorious summer break and settle well into your secondary schools!  These last few terms have been most unusual but you have proved yourselves to be mature, resourceful and resilient.  These characteristics will help you in your life journey!  Remember to continue working hard with your maths work!  I believe in you!

This morning's task is page 12 of our Summer booklet and involves Pie Charts - Summer Holiday Pie Chart

This page covers how to draw a pie chart using our knowledge and understanding of fractions.  

The pie chart in divided into 12 equal sections.  Use this tip to help you complete the task.