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Year 5 task

White Rose learning activity here

Lesson 2 

Complete your Hegarty task here


If you need any support or guidance once you have watched the video links, please email 

Year 6 task


Good Morning Year 6s

This week we will be completing a Year 7 transition mat daily.  They will cover a lot of the important areas of maths you have covered this year that you will need for the start of Secondary school.  

Do not worry if you need a refresher of any of the areas on the mats as there are Hegarty task linked to all of them.

I will post the Hegarty tasks daily and if you need to, just watch the videos of Mr Hegarty explaining the maths areas.  This will help you answer any question you are unsure of.  You can always do the task if you feel you need to but it's the video is I would urge you to watch.  None of the tasks are set, you will need to search for them in the search bar at the top.


Question a Hegarty Maths Task 77 - Fractions of an amount

Question b Hegarty Maths Task 40 - Subtracting Negative Numbers

Question c Hegarty Maths Task 830 - 3D Shapes (2)

Question d Hegarty Maths Task 16 - Divide by powers of 10

Question e Hegarty Maths Task 31 - Highest Common Factor

Question f Hegarty Maths Task 699 - Converting Capacity/ Volume


After this task, please do a Memri Quiz and a 'Fix-Up 5'

Refresher Mats