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Maths task

White Rose learning activity here

Lesson 4 -

Complete your Hegarty task here

This will be a revision lesson on your Number knowledge


If you need any support or guidance once you have watched the video links, please email 




Year 6 task

Good Morning Year 6s


It's Hegarty Maths first again today

Hegarty Task 698 - Converting Capacity/Volume


Please remember to watch the video clip in full before attempting the questions as it will also help you enormously with the booklet


Then it's Geometry, Measure & Statistics booklet - Page 22 & 23 - Reading Scales

Question 2 on page 22 shows a jug and asks how much gravy it contains.  In your booklets, your gravy jug will sadly look empty!  Use the one I have posted on here instead!


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