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Year 5 Tasks 


White Rose learning activity here

Lesson 2 -

Complete your Hegarty task here

This will be a revision lesson on your Number knowledge


If you need any support or guidance once you have watched the video links, please email 



Year 6 task


Good morning Year 6s, this morning we are doing page 8 of our Summer Themed Activity booklet - Pirate Flags

This page covers finding the area of compound shapes, parallelograms and compound shapes with triangles.  If you need a recap on any of these objectives, watch these Hegarty maths videos.

Hegarty Maths 555 - Compound Shapes - Finding the area of compound shapes

Hegarty Maths 556 - Parallelograms - Finding the area of parallelograms

Hegarty Maths 558 - Triangles (2) - Finding the area of compound shapes containing triangles


Booklet Solutions