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Pastoral Care

Uphill School is closed at the moment. Our Learning Mentors - Helen Hetherington and Anita Beal can be contacted using the following email address: during this time.

We have compiled a list of resources and websites that we think you may find useful. Please click on the link below to go straight to our Mental health and wellbeing page



At Uphill Primary, we aim to promote the wellbeing and self-esteem of each child to ensure that each child is happy, secure and encouraged to develop to their full potential. To support the safety and wellbeing of all our children we use the principles of Team Teach. Team Teach is an accredited training framework designed to focus on positive behaviour support, with an emphasis on de-escalation that leads to desirable outcomes and positives relationships.


We recognise that parents and carers are essential in supporting the children’s wellbeing and therefore their ability to access their education to the full but also know that there can be times in everybody’s lives when, for whatever reason, events happen that make this difficult.


As a pastoral team, we have the skills and knowledge to support children and parents through these times


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Our Learning Mentor is Mrs Lucy deScossa -                                 Our maternity cover Learning Mentor is Mrs Anita Beal -

(On maternity leave from 14th February 2020)                             



Our Early Years Specialist is Mrs Helen Hetherington