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Term 6
We have been reading the adventures of Odysseus. Having read ‘The Sack of Winds’ we painted Odysseus’ ship being blown away from Ithaca and wrote journal entries in role as Odysseus of one of his men.
Term 5
The Big Bang
We visited the Winter Gardens to see lots of science and how it is used in lots of different ways. The children had a great time and were a credit to the school.
Year 5 - Ice Trap!
While the Year 6s are working hard, the Year 5s are learning about Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition.
Creating Antarctica pictures
Sorting the events of the Uphill floods in 1981
Uphill flood eyewitnesses 
Mr and Mrs Williams, from Ellesmere Road, came in to share their experience of the Uphill floods with the children.  Some great stories and useful first hand accounts for the children to use when writing newspaper articles.
World Book Day
Pegasus excelled themselves dressing up for World Book Day. Great effort everyone.
River Axe walk
We move on in our project to looking at rivers and flooding.  As part of this Pegasus went for a walk to the mouth of the river Axe to look at the features at this part of a river.  It was great to be able to get out and explore our local area.
Online safety week

The children used drama to explore different scenarios linked to giving and receiving permission around online activities.

They also took part in an online safety workshop.

Erupting our volcanoes
Great excitement as the children finally got to see their volcanoes ‘erupt’ with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Good messy fun.
Natural disaster presentations

We have been researching and preparing presentations about natural disasters. 

Then somebody thought it would be a good idea to make papier mache volcanoes 😳
It was great fun!
Self esteem workshop
We had a visitor who helped the children to reflect on the importance of protecting our self esteem and that of others.  Very thought provoking.
The class have started building on the gymnastics work they did in term 1.  They continue to develop body control and are now building syncronised routines within a group.  They love displaying their work!
We have been exploring equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages. They know more than they think they do!
Term 1 & 2

End of term benchball

The children love a raucous games of benchball!

Peer assessing space stories

The children drew a storymap of our class novel 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce and then created their own story based on a similar storyline.  Once they had finished, the read through each other's work and suggested edits.

Moonscape artwork

We studied the surface of the Moon and used chalk to each create a small section of craters.  We then fitted all of our work together to make a whole Moon collage.

Space Workshop


Jo Richardson from ESA Space Explorers hosted an excellent workshop for the children to get hands-on and explore more about their current project, 'Where is our Place in Space?'

Chris Millard from North Somerset Athletics delivered some great coaching for Pegasus. They can now all make much faster sprint starts.

Pegasus created paintings inspired by the poem they studied 'Autumn Woods, 1918'

Pegasus delivered a great class assembly to the school and parents.  They had only be back just over two weeks, but they already had plenty to talk about.  Well done to all of them.