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Pegasus class

Teacher: Mr A Clark

HTLA: Mrs M Haberfield

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Monday 1st June

Welcome back Pegasus!  


It's term 6 and the final 7 weeks of what has ended up being a very strange year.  I hope you all managed to have a nice half term break and enjoyed the fantastic weather.


Finally, some children have returned to Uphill and we are adjusting to teaching very small groups as best we can whilst maintaining social distancing and keeping everyone safe.  It's a challenge but it's going to be okay.


I'm very sorry that we can not have everybody at school yet but I hope you will throw yourselves back into home learning and do as well as you were doing before the half term break.


Although I am now teaching pod Pegasus, Mrs Tinker will be checking the Year 5/6 email so if you have any questions please send them in and she will respond.  I will check for any photos you send in and add them to the Pegasus page in the evenings -  so please keep them coming.


Good luck


Mr Clark


Link to the Celebration Assembly video:

Pegasus Pictures

Week beginning 1st June
Picture 1 Ava creating a canvas painting
Picture 2 Ava's completed canvas - amazing!
Picture 3 Barney's brilliant graffiti art
Picture 4 Hello from pod Pegasus!
Picture 5 A still from Erin's Chocolate Tree video
Picture 6 Ava working hard
Picture 7 Ava's VE Day party in the garden
Week beginning 18th May
Picture 1 Kaisha's shades of meaning
Picture 2 Kaisha's length of wire graph
Picture 3 Making puppets
Picture 4 Finished
Picture 5 Showtime!
Picture 6 Ryan and his brothers built a nesting box
Picture 7 A lick of paint
Picture 8 The finished product. Good job, Ryan!
Picture 9 Jack nailed his arithmetic!
Picture 10 Ollie wants some attention.
Week beginning 11th May
Picture 1 Fancy dress Friday!
Picture 2 Eoghan making pizza
Picture 3 Eoghan out and about 1
Picture 4 Eoghan out and about 2
Picture 5 Barney programming his robot
Picture 6 Discovering that a potato is a conductor
Picture 7 Learning is awesome!
Picture 8 Logan's Mayan work
Picture 9 Preparing a carrot and banana cake
Picture 10 All set for a VE Day celebration
Week beginning 4th May
Picture 1 Willow is clearly enjoying her work
Picture 2 Faith made this amazing game!
Picture 3 Arif's latest picture of his sister
Week beginning 27th April
Picture 1 Barney made a wooden elephant!
Picture 2 Logan and Lily working hard
Picture 3 Thea doing her science
Picture 4 Dougie working
Picture 5 Dougie relaxing
Picture 6 Barney's getting the hang of perspective
Picture 7 Jack's perspective picture
Picture 8 Running away or breaking in?
Picture 9 A lovely character description
Oliwia was lucky enough to have the equipment to build her own electrical circuits.  Great work, Oliwia.
Fred has kept himself busy with a brilliant woodwork project.  He created a colour co-ordinated phone holder for his phone.  Great job, Fred!
Picture 1 Ryan's awesome cookies (and questionable top)
Picture 2 A class memory
Thea delivered a sunflower plant to each of the neighbours in her cul de sac.  What a great thing to do; it will be lovely to see when everyone has a sunflower outside their house.
Picture 1 Thea germinated sunflowers
Picture 2 Thea and Neve keeping cool
Picture 3 Brilliant pictures girls!
Picture 4 Lots of concentration
Picture 5 Kaisha's kukulkan
Picture 6 Kaisha's work on apostrophes
Picture 7 Charlie's daily visit to the beach
Picture 8 Charlie's sunflowers have started to grow
Picture 9 Logan reading his sister a story
Week beginning Monday 20th April
Picture 1 Ben did his music mark-making in the garden
Picture 2 Lucy had to go to A&E -Thankfully not too serious!
Picture 3 At least Lucy can still get her work done
Picture 4 Willow's great work on apostrophes
Picture 5 Jack & Ollie (at least Ollie's doing some reading)
Picture 6 Viki's mark making to music at Haywood Village
Picture 7 Logan and Lily baking
Picture 8 The finished product - yum yum!
Picture 9 Barney's all set for Term 5
Picture 10 Lucy's beach gym
Picture 11 Lucy's garden gym
Picture 12 Lucy's kitchen gym
Picture 13 Viki's Mayan research
Easter holidays!
Picture 1 Viki and her brother's art work
Picture 2 I think that's Jack
Picture 3 Getting some practice in
Week beginning Monday 30th March
Ben wins the prize for the first lockdown haircut!
Picture 1 Jack has an audience
Picture 2 Ben teaching his sister decimals
Picture 3 Erin baked this amazing cake - yum!
Picture 4 Not sure about the ruler, Ryan
Picture 5 Ben caught working hard
Picture 6 Jack took being thrashed by his mum quite well
Picture 7 Kaisha doing Hegarty
Picture 8 Kaisha's report on climate change
Picture 9 Mr Clark would have beaten him to the top!
Week beginning Monday 23 March
Picture 1 Logan's been working hard
Picture 2 Celebrating surviving Week 1 of home learning!
Picture 3 Lucy's climate change poster
Picture 4 Ava working on a Climate Change report
Picture 5 Ava and her sister's brilliant pictures
Picture 6 Jack's rainbow for his Grandma
Picture 7 Ryan being creative in the sunshine
Picture 8 Ed and brother hard at work
Picture 9 A message from Thea and Neve
Picture 10 Cheering up the street
Picture 11 Neve and Thea doing some maths
Picture 12 Thea baking
Picture 13 Neve baking
Picture 14 Lucy's keeping her gym going!
Picture 15 Lucy's 30 art activities
Picture 16 Ben cheering up the street
Picture 17 Barney busy at some project work
Picture 18 Peggy the dog helping Erin
Picture 19 Jack getting his exercise in.
Term 3
Environmental Art
The class were incredibly focused as they worked on collage pictures which will give an environmental message. To be continued next week...
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
The Big Pit trip
The children had a great time on our visit to the Bit Pit in Wales. It is an amazing place which gives a great idea of what coal mining was like over the years. Although they have learnt how bad coal is for the environment, the children discovered that people didn’t always know this and that coal played a crucial role in the industrial revolution and the development of our country.
Picture 1
Natural Resources
The children read up on the 11 most commonly used natural resources and how they are used. Then they presented the key information to their classmates.
Are they all what you would expect?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
For our Personal, Social and Health education, this term we are exploring goals.  The class have already discussed personal goals and using small steps to achieve them. This week we look at global issues and our dreams for a better world.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Our new project - Have We Made the World a Better Place?
Pegasus have really enjoyed getting into this project. It is so topical and we are able to discuss things that are coming up in the news almost every day.
Picture 1
Welcome back

We welcome everybody back to Term 3 after a long, (and mainly restful) Christmas break.


We are excited about starting our new project, ‘Have We Made the World a Better Place’ during which we will learn all about climate change and renewable and non-renewable resources, as well as migration and refugees.

Term 2
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas Pegasus!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Well done to Erin for winning the KS2 English award for her outstanding writing and to Lucy for being an all round good egg!
Review of Learning quiz
The children love a Kahoot quiz and get very excited. Best saved for a Friday afternoon!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
WW1 Timelines
The class have worked hard in groups to research and produce a timeline of the war, from the assassination of Arch Duke Frank Ferdinand to the Treaty of Versailles.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Work of the Week

Well done Willow Bowen for a well structured, moving poem about war.
Picture 1
Gallery of Excellence
We’ve updated the Pegasus Gallery of Excellence with some beautiful silhouette pictures the children created using a blended colour wash background and black paint.
Picture 1
Paired reading
Pegasus and Sputnik children enjoy their weekly Wednesday afternoon sharing a book with their other year group partner. This week they read a little and shared what had happened in their books since last week.
Picture 1
Anti-bullying week
Pegasus explored the impact of online bullying and created posters based on the Stop Speak Support code. They created some great posters that share the message clearly.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Remembrance Day 2019


Pegasus listened to the Michael Morpurgo story, Poppy Field and learned about the origins of the Royal British Legion poppy. They then published the poem Flanders Fields in their best handwriting.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The kit of a World War One soldier.


Ex-Uphill pupil, Josh Cottrell brought in his collection of WW1 soldier’s kit and the children found out exactly how heavy and basic some of the equipment was.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Term 1
Last day of term and Pegasus still working hard!
Picture 1
The children have been learning about balancing, rolling and vaulting. They developed routines to show their skills.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

The Lost Words


We studied the poetry in the book The Lost Words and based artwork and handwriting on the poem, Kingfisher.


Picture 1
Picture 1
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