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Pluto & Jupiter Year 2 Archive: 2017-2018

Welcome to Year 2


Meet the Team


Pluto Class

Class Teacher - Miss Selvey

LSA - Mrs. Cobley

PPA Cover (Tuesday afternoon) - Mrs Cobley


Jupiter Class

Class Teacher - Mrs. Harris

LSA - Mrs. Beal

PPA Cover (Wednesday afternoon) - Mrs Cobley


Important Dates

Monday 4th June - Back to school

Friday 8th June - Sports Day

Wednesday 27th June - Year 2 Summer Sing

Friday 6th July - Reports home

Saturday 7th July - School Fete

Friday 20th July - End of term 6


Term 5&6

Our project for this term is 'What makes Africa amazing?'


Painting World Cup Flags!



Luke and George shared their brilliant homework projects that they made over half term! George shared his fantastic cooking and Luke shared his African animals that he had made! A wonderful way to start the term!

The Royal Wedding

Handa's Surprise!

We have been enjoying reading the story 'Handa's Surprise'. We created freeze frames of scenes from the book and then acted it out!

African Drama Workshop

For our WOW activity to kick start our project we were very lucky to take part in an African drama workshop. We explored the African jungle and it's animals!

Term 3&4

Our project for this term is 'What has made the greatest difference?'


What we already know:

People didn't use to have phones or washing machines. People washed their clothes in a basket with hot water - Eden

In the olden days they didn't have electricity - Courtney

People used typewriters instead of computers - Cameron

The Great Fire of London started in a bakery - Will


What we would like to know:

Why are photos black and white? - Cameron

Who was Florence Nightingale? - All

Did all Kings and Queens wear crowns? - Iona

When did the Great Fire of London start? - George, Jacob, Courtney

Presentation of learning at Weston Museum

This week we had the absolute joy of presenting our learning at Weston Museum. We were able to share our learning journey and some of the interesting facts that we've picked up along the way! We then had the privilege of sharing a display of our learning with not only our family members but with the whole community too as it will be up on the community board for three weeks! Thank you to everyone who came, it was a really special experience! 

World Book Day!

Despite the bad weather and a slightly shorter day, we still had a fantastic World Book Day with some great costumes! We had great fun enjoying some books and talking about reading!

Class Assembly

Both our Year 2 Classes put on an amazing assembly to demonstrate all the interesting facts that they learned whilst on our trip to Tyntesfield! They did a fantastic job and really showed how much life has changed since the Victorian times!

Trip to Tyntesfield

We had a brilliant trip to Tyntesfield! We got to see what life was like for wealthy families and servants during the Victorian times and experienced some of the horrible jobs! We dressed up in traditional clothing, polished silverware, prepare an afternoon tea tray and even emptied chamber pots! We got to be historical detectives and handle lots of different artefacts and had to work out what they would have been used for!

Grandparent Visit

This week, we invited our grandparents in to help us learn about changes within living memory. We were really lucky to have such interesting and fun conversations about what life was like for them as children. We learnt so much about how things have changed and how some things haven't!

It was a really valuable experience for our classes and we are truly grateful to everyone who came in to talk to us!

Term 1/2


Our project for this term is:

'Where in the world are we?'


We will be looking at our local area and where we are in within the U.K and the rest of the world.


What we know already:

Uphill has fetes - George

Weston is a town - Fin

Uphill is a village - Mae

Weston has a very nice beach - Iona


What we would like to find out:

How many people live in Weston? - Courtney

How long is the pier? - Amelia

How many people live in the world? - Alicja

Is Uphill the biggest school? - Isabella


We had a lovely morning setting up a shop for our calendars and we were able to raise some money for charity through the donations for our calendars!  


For the final outcome of our project we created calendars to take home and raise some money for charity through voluntary donations. Our calendars were created using pictures sent in from both classes and then we put them together, designed our own front cover and attached them all together with ribbon!

Home Learning!

We have been busy creating some amazing models of some local landmarks! Can you guess what they are?

Science Investigation

We have been learning all about animals and humans and most recently we have been learning about human growth and we change and grow as we get older. We asked the question 'Is the oldest person in the class the tallest?' and have been investigating this. We measured each other and recorded the results in a table and compared these to people's birthdays. We discovered that the answer to question was no! Also the smallest person in our class wasn't the youngest either!

Using Atlases

We have been using atlases to look at the United Kingdom and identify the countries and capital cities within it. We also looked at where we are within the rest of the world!

Sketching at the beach

We have been learning about a local artist called Rosie Smith who does fantastic watercolours of our local area. This term we will be creating our own watercolour artwork of our local area so went down to the beach to do some sketching to help us with this!

Author Visit

We have been reading the book 'Pirate Blunderbeard' in class and we were very lucky to be visited by the author! Amy Sparkes very kindly spent the afternoon with us reading extracts, creating funny inventions with us and signing our copies of the book! It was such a valuable experience to meet an author and hopefully this will inspire our writing for the year!

Walk around Uphill

We have been learning about human and physical geographical features so went on a walk around our local area to see how many we could spot! We kept a tally to see which ones were the most common.

Compass Skills!