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Pluto & Jupiter Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Meet the Team


Pluto Class

Class Teacher - Miss Selvey

LSA - Mrs. Oliffe and Miss Darby

PPA Cover (Tuesday afternoon) - Mrs Cobley


Jupiter Class

Class Teacher - Mrs. Harris

LSA - Mrs. Beal

PPA Cover (Monday afternoon) - Mrs Haberfield


Important Dates

Monday 3rd June - INSET

Tuesday 4th June - Start of term 6 

Friday 7th June - Sports Day

Tuesday 11th June - African Drumming Workshop

Tuesday 18th June - Year 2 Singing Festival

Tuesday 23rd July - End of term 6

Animals and their habitats

Making block charts

Trip to the Church

Visit from Rupert Langridge

Today we were very lucky to have Rupert come and visit us and tell us all about the amazing bug hotels that are being built in Grove Park. We learned so much, he answered lots of our questions about minibeasts and we got some brilliant ideas to help us build our own bug hotels!


Singing Festival

We had an amazing time at the Year 2 Singing Festival! We learned all our songs so well and sang with amazing enthusiasm. It was a great experience! Thank you so much to all the parents who walked and accompanied us on our trip.

Identifying and classifying minibeasts!

We explored all the different types of minbeasts and learned their scientific names. We then had a go at identifying and classifying each minibeats under the correct name.

African Drumming!

We had a real treat today as we got the chance to do some African style drumming! We got to learn some new rhythms and play them together on lots of different African instruments!


Local Habitats

As part of our learning about local habitats we went on a flower hunt around the school field to see which flowers were growing there.

We then also did some sketches and observations of leaves from our field in order to try and identify the tree they came from!

Tag Rugby

We have been enjoying practicing our rugby skills with the cricket coaches! We have been learning how to pass!


To finish our science topic on materials, we faced the question 'What would be the most suitable material to make a raincoat for Ted?' 

so we tested out different materials to find out if they were waterproof!

Presentation of Learning at Weston Museum

To finish our project, we presented what we had learned to our families at Weston Museum. We also got a chance to show our families the display of our project up on the community board as well as look through our school books together. It was a wonderful morning and thank you to everyone that came.

Reading Week!

We have had such a wonderful time this week enjoying lots of reading and reading activities! We were amazed by everyone's costumes on World Book Day and enjoyed recommending some books to on another! We were very lucky to be joined by some of the year 5/6s this week who read to us and we also enjoyed our book swap and stop and read day!

Exploring Victorian Artefacts

To end the term we enjoyed exploring Victorian artefacts from Weston museum. We dressed up, played with Victorian toys and wrote on slates. Mrs Harris and Miss Selvey enjoyed acting the part of Victorian school teachers!

Victorian toys and games

We had a closer look at some Victorian toys and games so that we could compare them to the toys and games we play now!


We had a wonderful day out at Tyntesfield! We got to dress up and experience life as a Victorian child and servant. We had lots of jobs to do like polishing the silver and making the tea tray. Some of us even emptied a chamber pot! We then got to experience a Victorian classroom and learned the children were forced to write with their right hand! Thank you to all the adults that came along to help.

Grandparent visit

We were so lucky to start our new project 'What has made the greatest difference?' in such a special way this week. Our project this term has a history focus and our first piece of learning has been on changes within living memory so we invited our grandparents in to share stories from their childhood. It was such an amazing opportunity to find out about how life has changed over recent years. Thank you so much to everyone that came, it was a wonderful afternoon.

Christmas Jumper Day!

It was wonderful to see such an amazing variety of jumpers today! It certainly got us feeling festive!

Year 2 Carol Concert

It was a pleasure to be able to perform our carol concert at St Nicholas Church this week. Thank you so much to everyone who came along!

Weather reports

We had a great time being weather reporters and explaining the weather patterns we had noticed over the last week!

Evaluating our windsocks

An important part of design and technology is evaluating our products. We tested our windsocks outside to see if they met our design criteria and thought about improvements we could make.

Design and Technology

In order to learn about the weather in our local area, we will be setting up a weather station to help spot weather patterns over the week. Part of this will be looking at wind direction so we have been designing our own windsocks to help us with this. We had to think carefully about designs, ensuring they were light, could move easily in the wind and were bright and visible. We then worked hard to make our designs using a range of materials and tools.  

Class Assembly

We thoroughly enjoyed our class assembly! We loved sharing what we have learned about our local area so far! Thank you for everyone who came to watch us!

WW1 Exhibition

On Friday we went to visit the WW1 exhibition set up by years 5 & 6. It was great to see the amazing work done by the older children in our school. Thank you to all the parents who helped us out!


Over the past few weeks we have been observing our cress grow in different conditions. We have been recording our observations over time so that we are able to see how the cress seeds have grown and changed in their different environments. This has helped us to know what conditions are best for plants to grow.

Sketching at the beach

Following our visit from Rosie Smith we enjoyed a trip the beach to do some sketches of our local area! It was a beautiful morning and we had a great time admiring the view! Thank you to all the parents who came along to help.

Artist Visit - Rosie Smith

This week we were incredibly lucky to be visited by local artist Rosie Smith. She cam in to see both classes and talked to us about her life and achievements as an artist as well as giving some amazing tips! We were able to ask her lots of questions which helped us to learn more about watercolours and will help us with our own sketching and painting we do this term. We also were very lucky to see many of her original watercolour paintings up close as she brought so many with her for us to look at. We are feeling so inspired!

Plant Dissection

This week we have begun our new topic in Science where we will be learning all about plants! To start us off we have been learning to identify the different parts of a flowering plant! We had a great time dissecting a plant in order to identify all the different parts!


We have been busy this week preparing our scarecrow for the Horrible Histories scarecrow festival in the village! We have had a lot of fun making it!

Walk Around Uphill

This week as a WOW start to our project 'Where in the world are we?' we went on a walk around our local village! We have been learning about human and physical geographical features and spotted so many whilst on our walk! We stopped off at the café for squash and biscuits before returning to school! It was a lovely walk and thank you so much to all who came along to help!


Where in the world are we? - Project for Terms 1 & 2

We have just begun our brand new project which is focusing on learning about our local area. We will be learning about the geographical features, weather and attractions of both Uphill and Weston!

Welcome to Year 2.

What a fantastic day we have had settling in to our new classes!  We have started to learn a poem to perform at our poetry slam.  We enjoyed imaths (inspirational maths) where we thought about strategies to help us with our maths in Year 2, we thought about halving and different ways this can be shown.

We began to think about our project 'Where in the World are we?' we discussed what we may already know and what we would like to discover.  Finally, we thought about our  school values - 'Everybody, Responsibility, Trust and Courage' and agreed what this would look and sound like in our classrooms and wider school community.

Inspirational maths.