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What are the significant cities found in the UK?


This week we are going to be finding out where the significant cities in the UK are located. We will be using our map reading and compass skills to help us solve the clues on a treasure hunt of the UK. As well as locating some of the significant cities we will also look at some of the bodies of water (seas, oceans and channels) that surround our island. 


There is a presentation for you to follow (this includes the activity, clues and answers) and you can either complete the work directly onto the ppt, copy into your pink book/on paper or print off the separate sheets to help you. You may wish to pause the video as you go so you are able to read and understand the information on each slide more easily. If you are unable to access the audio on the presentation you can access a video of it here.

There are three activities included in this document - all of them are entirely optional and there is no expectation for you to complete any of them. They are there if you want to develop your geography knowledge even more!