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Rainbow & Sunshine Classes - EYFS Archive: 2015-2016

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Meet the Team

Sunshine Class Teacher: Mrs Sims & Mrs Wood

Rainbow Class Teacher: Mrs Maynes & Mrs Britton

 TA: Mrs Hetherington

 LSA: Mrs Beal


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Welcome back after the holidays



A big thank you to Ruby's mummy who brought in some wonderful things from Bristol Zoo for us to look at during our 'Wild and Free' topic. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to look at and handle some really interesting things.




This term's project is 'We're Going on an Adventure' 

Here are some key questions that we would like to answer over the course of this project:

What is a castle and why do we have them?

What are dragons?

Are dragons real?

How might you travel to a treasure island?

How would a pirate send a message?


Term 5 2016

Week One

 We began the week by listening to the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Using puppets, we retold the story and acted out the parts of the characters.We talked about the story and the parts we liked the best.

We have been very busy writing and we are try especially hard to use our sounds to spell words.

Planting bean seeds was great fun and we are wondering if they will grow in plastic bags!

In maths we have been learning about measuring length, width and height. We have ordered things from shortest to longest and used hand spans and feet to measure things in the classroom and outside too.


Next week we will be finding out about castles and knights.


Weeks Two and Three

We have had a very busy few weeks. We listened to the fairy tale of 'Rapunzel' and retold the story in our own words.

Making our own puppets, has given us the opportunity to act out the story and create our own fairy tales.  

In the Rainbow class room we now have a castle and it has been great fun dressing up as kings, queens, princes and princess. 

We have also been learning about knights and castles.

Using junk modelling, large cardboard boxes, plastic bricks and wooden blocks, we have had great fun creating our own castles. We have thought carefully about the features of a castle and have tried hard to incorporate these into our imaginative play.

During maths we have been learning to measure objects using hand spans and feet. Why not try this at home?

We have been learning how to subtract numbers using a number line and other apparatus.Some of use have been recording number sentences and working with two digit numbers.   








Cameron designed and made his own helmet

Cameron designed his own knight's helmet


Welcome back after the holidays


After our work on castles, knights and princess, we are now going to sail the seven seas. This week we have introduced our work on pirates by looking at books, telling stories using story stones and thinking about what we would pack in our suitcase if we were going on a pirate adventure.  


In maths we have been very busy solving problems using addition and money. Maybe you could ask your child to add together two or three coins in your purse.


This term we will be reinforcing all of the sounds and sight words previously taught. This week we have focused on ear, air and ure. In would be a fantastic idea for the children to learn how to spell their sight words ready for Year One.