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Rainbow, Sunshine & Saturn Classes - EYFS & Year 1 Archive: 2016-2017

Meet the Team


Rainbow Class

Teacher-Miss Porter

PPA and Leadership Cover (Tuesday)-Mrs. Fowler

LSA's-Mrs. Hethrington


Sunshine Class

Teacher-Miss Hooper

PPA  and NQT Cover (Thursday)-Mrs. Madeley

LSA's-Mrs. Main


Saturn Class

Teachers-Mrs. Sims (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Goode (Thursday and Friday)

PPA Cover (Thursday)-Mrs. Britton

LSA-Mrs. Watson


Important Dates


Tuesday 5th September 2017-Inset Day

Wednesday 6th September 2017-Children back to school

Wednesday 13th September 2017-Meet the Teacher

Tuesday 10th October-EYFS parent Coffee morning from 8.45 am (Community Room)

Friday 20th October 2017-last day of term 1

Half Term-Monday 23rd October 2017-Friday 27th October 2017

Monday 30th October 2017-Term 2 begins

Week Beginning 13th November-Anti-Bullying Week

Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 9.15am EYFS/Year One Nativity

Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 2pm EYFS/Year One Nativity

Thursday 14th December 2017-EYFS/Year One Christmas Party

Friday 15th December 2017-Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 19th December 2017-Term 2 ends

Christmas Holidays-Wednesday 20th December-Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Thursday 4th January 2018-children back to school







Meet The Teacher 13.9.17

J is for Journeys project web!

Welcome Back!


We hope you all had a lovely and restful break.


Our new project is J is for Journeys and above is our topic web for the next two terms.



We have been very busy making and testing our emergency vehicles over the past 2 weeks. We started by making our vehicles. We then tested them outside and fixed any broken pieces! We thought about which materials would be the best for different parts of our vehicles e.g. clear plastic for windows. We are looking forward to taking our vehicles to the beach to test them on a different surface.



Welcome back to term 6.


We have been very busy investigating different materials that would be suitable to create our own vehicles.

Maybe you could go on a material hunt with your child at home. How many items can you find that are made out of metal?


This week we have been planting seeds. Year 1 have planted seeds in different materials to investigate which material is the best to grow cress. Foundation stage children have enjoyed planting lettuces. We hops the sunny weather will help them all grow.




Well done to Sunshine class for their class assembly on Superheroes. We hope you enjoyed it.

Police Visit 10.5.17

Police Visit 10.5.17 1
Police Visit 10.5.17 2
Police Visit 10.5.17 3
Police Visit 10.5.17 4
Police Visit 10.5.17 5
Police Visit 10.5.17 6
Police Visit 10.5.17 7

Police Visit 10.5.17


On Wednesday, Mr. Harris from the Police came into talk to us about what the police do.

First, he answered any of our questions about what the police do. Then, he talked to us about how the police patrol. After that, Mr. Harris showed us the different types of hats: Flat cap, Custodian, Riot hat and a reflective jacket to make them be seen at night. Next, we tried on handcuffs and finally, we sat in the police car and turned on the lights.

We learnt that the police don't just chase after ‘baddies’ but that they look after people who need help.



This Weeks Visitors

Nurse and Fireman


This week, we have been extremely lucky to have some real life heroes in to talk to us about what they do and how they cope with being a real life hero. First, we had a nurse (Caroline) in to talk to us about how she looks after people who are poorly. Next, she talked to us about injections and how they make you better during a hospital stay. After that, she showed us how to use a bandage. She really did enthuse us and lots of children now want to be nurses.




Finally, on Friday we had the fireman come and visit us. Ian, spoke to us about how the fireman do their job to make people safe. We loved trying on their uniform and learning all about the fire engine and how it works. We all got to see inside as well.






Letter Formation-Pre-cursive

Term 5-Year One Home Learning

Terms 5 and 6 Project Web

First Week Back!


It has been so lovely seeing all of your smiley faces back this week. We hope you've all had a lovely Easter break.

This week has been a busy first week. We've been trialling a few new things. Every day for 15 minutes children are having a handwriting session to help improve handwriting (please see handwriting format, attached above).


This week we have been focusing on our new project, Q is for Questions, hero vs. superhero. We have been asking questions about what we want to find out. Also on Wednesday we had an E-Safety afternoon and thought about all the things we need to do to keep safe. This is what we found out:

Don't giving your name.

Don't tell anyone where you live.

Tell an adult if you’re not sure.

We then made posters to describe our feelings on being safe and watched a video (Hectors World).



Open Doors 04.04.17

The whole team would like to say a very big, thank you for all the wonderful, parents, carers, siblings, cousins and grandparents who came to share the incredible pizzas and learning, your children have so lovingly made for you. The children were incredibly proud of their achievements and it was such a privilege to see the pride in their faces and your faces. Here are some precious moments snapped away during that time.



We would also like to take the time to express our thanks for all of your support, kind messages and praise during this wonderful two terms of learning. Your children have been a joy to teach.


Have a wonderful and restful Easter.

Star Constellation Morning


What an exciting morning, we've had from Jo. EYFS and Year One were given the exciting opportunity of learning about stars and their uses today.

First, Jo introduced us to the sun and that it was a star made up of two gases, Helium and Hydrogen.  Jo showed us using a sun inflatable how big the sun was compared to Earth (over a million Earths can fit into the sun). Next, we were asked why the sun looked so close. We had to test this out by squinting and looking at a small bouncy ball and a tennis ball further away. We noticed that the smaller ball looked bigger as it was nearer to us. Everyone had a go at doing this. We then learnt that the sun was about four and half billion years old.

After that we learnt that the sun was the 'boss' of our solar system and how the Earth spins around the Sun. If the Earth is turned away from the sun, it is night time and if it is turned towards the sun, it is daytime.

Then, we learnt about stars and how the sun is not the biggest. Antores is 550 light years away and Betelgeuse is 642 light years away and our sun is a lot smaller. We learnt the biggest sun was called Cannis Majoris which is 4000 light years away.

We then learnt about the history of constellations, Greek farmers had animals and looked up at the sky for many years and realised there was a pattern in the night sky. The then learnt different constellations in the winter to the summer.  We then learnt about the Plough and saw a picture of what it looked like.

Finally we wrote a recount of what we had learnt. We were so engrossed and excited to share our facts.



Lower School and Upper Schools Rocket afternoon

WOW! What a day we've had. We were lucky enough to do some learning with upper key stage 2 (Year 5 and 6).

The challenge was set to make a rocket that would go the furthest on our rocket launcher.

First, we had to plan and design our rocket. We talked about the cone on top of the rocket. We also talked about the shape of the rocket and what fins we would have on the rocket.

Then, we made the rocket. We cut out all the shapes we needed and stuck it onto the rocket.

Finally we tested the rocket using a launcher. The problem was the launcher wouldn't launch our rockets, we had made them too big. We thought this was marvellous as it mean next time we could amend our rockets and learn from our mistakes. Instead we threw our rockets to see which one would go the furthest. We learnt about how rockets launch, the shape they need to be and working with older children. It was such a brilliant afternoon of learning.


Parents Evening


It has been lovely to see so many of you during Parents Evening and sharing your child's achievements.

Thank you for all of your comments and support.

Welcome Back!


We hope you've had a lovely half term and have all rested. We have another exciting term ahead with some collaboration with upper key stage two (all will be revealed at a later date).


Please find below, Year One home learning grid for term 4.

Year One Home Learning for term 4

Safer Internet Day


On Tuesday 7th February 2017, the whole school focused on internet safety. We talked about how we are safe when we cross the road and how we never talk to strangers and this applies to when we use a device. After this we watched some videos about being safe online (see link below). All the classes then made posters, rules and acted out different scenarios to keep us safe when using a laptop, tablet, phone or computer.


Please take some time to watch the videos with you children.


We would all like to wish you are very happy and safe half term. Remember children come back to school on Tuesday 21st February as on the Monday 20th

is an Inset day.

Home Learning


The whole of the EYFS and Year One team would like to say, a big thank you, for all of your wonderful home learning. The models, pictures and pieces of writing have been fantastic to see and other children have enjoyed learning more information.


Keep them coming in. We will be giving another grid out after half term, for year one. Foundation children can look at the labels in home school diaries to get more information.



All Things Space


This week, we have been learning about different astronauts and comparing them. We have been finding out facts about Yuri Gagarin (first astronaut in space) and Tim Peake. Below are some of our wonderful facts about Tim Peake.

In other learning, foundation children have been making up stories using story pebbles, the story language from them, has been incredible.




Tim Peake Facts

Still image for this video

Time Peake Facts (sorry for the video layout)

Still image for this video

Blast Off Video (sorry it is the wrong way)

Still image for this video
This is the video we did with Jo from Space Detectives. She showed us what it was like when a rocket blasts off into Space.

Space Detectives


WOW! What a lovely WOW Day we've had with Jo from Space Detectives.

First off, Jo showed us a cut out of Buzz Aldrin who was the second man to go onto the moon. We also learnt about Neil Armstrong who was the first person to land on the moon.

After that we looked at a very special rocket called, Saturn 5. It was a very old rocket and took astronauts to the moon. We learnt how a rocket got into space. It needs fuel and air. We watched how it worked using a balloon (see the video).

We then looked at how a space shuttle would get onto the moon. We were shocked to find out that the space shuttle becomes really small after it has used all of the fuel.

Jo then answered all of questions



Term 3 Project web and Year One Homework grid

Welcome Back!


A very warm welcome back to you all. We all hope you had a lovely and restful Christmas break. We kick started the new term with a WOW morning on our first day back!

Our new project is S is for Stories, linked to Space (this was something the children wanted to learn last term). We asked the children what they thought a story was and a lot of children thought a story was just in a book. To help the children see that stories can be told and acted we invited Perform (a drama company) to help the children with performance stories.

As we walked into the hall, a fairy appeared asking us to help her get the magic fairy tale book back from The Red Queen. In order to get there we had to go into fairy tale land. We were then had clues to follow to help us get to the castle. Once we had found the castle, the evil, Red Queen arrived and she tried to stop us from getting the book. Little did she know how good we were at keeping still so she wouldn't see us.

The workshop ended with us coming back to planet earth.

The children were captivated by the fairy and used so much imagination. It was a joy to watch.

Next week we will be having another visitor who will be talking to us about space.


Christmas Tasting


To finish off our Christmas theme and continent learning; we decided to look a food traditions from Europe. We looked at foods from Italy, Germany and Britain. We had to taste the Stollen (Germany), Pandoro (Italy) and Mince Pies. The food was yummy and the adults were impressed with how much the children enjoyed tasting the foods. 



The EYFS and Year One Team would like to take this chance to wish you all a very merry Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Party


Wow! What a day we had! The children looked wonderful in their party clothes (and so did the adults). We played party games galore, musical statues and bumps, sleeping lions and the card game. After the party, we had a feast set for a King. A big thank you, to you parents, for supplying us with some delicious treats. We had a superb time.



WOW! We were really proud of performers today. They sang their hearts out and performed like they were on the West End. We are so excited about showcasing our talents to our wonderful parents, tomorrow. We hope you enjoy it!!



All Things Christmas and Nativity


We've had a busy couple of weeks, practising our Nativity play and making lots of Christmas decorations. We are so excited to showcase our play! We hope you enjoy it!!!




Phonic Evening 16.11.16

Phonic Evening 16.11.16 1 Thank You for coming to our Phonic Evening.
Phonic Evening 16.11.16 2
Phonic Evening 16.11.16 3
Phonic Evening 16.11.16 4

Week 3

This week has been our last week of our project, E is for Exploring. We've thoroughly enjoyed learning about different animals and continents. Next week we will be starting a Christmas project. Here's a song some children have learnt, enjoy!!

It is our phonic evening tonight (16.11.16), we will be uploading the PowerPoint and the information later on.


Continent Video

Still image for this video
We have learnt a continent song with actions. Enjoy!!

Welcome Back

Term 2

A very warm welcome back to you all. I hope you had a restful half term. It is lovely to see you all back in school.


This week we've been learning even more about animals. Year One have been writing facts, ready to write a fact file. We will be collating all the writing and publishing it as a non-fiction book. We will be sending this to David Attenborough and to St. Nicks Pre-School. Foundation children have been learning about remembrance. They've made poppies, drawn what they're thankful for and have searched for poppy numbers.


A little reminder, please fill in you questionnaires. We value your feedback.


Lastly, I would like to thank all the parents for coming to Parent's evening this week. It was lovely seeing and talking to you about your child's achievements. Thank you for your comments about the restructuring.



Our Wonderful Nocturnal Walk

Thursday 20th October 2016


Thank you to everyone who came on our walk to search for nocturnal animals. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning and writing about animals and to have an audience in you lovely parents, grandparents, aunts, sisters, brothers and friends made it even more 'real' for the children. The 'buzz' and excitement in the woods was just so fantastic to hear (and just about see). It was such a joy to hear the children telling you all about the animals they could see. We even had someone using a bat sonar, Wow!

A big thank you to Mrs. Main and her children for making and putting up all the animals in the woods to help us guide us to the yummy hot chocolate and biscuits.

Thank you again! Enjoy your half term!


Week 6

Our Chicks Last Week

We've had a brilliant couple of weeks getting to know our wonderful chicks. They've grown a huge amount. The children have loved feeding them and ensuring they have water. We even let them out for a play, today.




We've also been learning about nocturnal animals and have been writing or learning facts about these animals, ready for our walk on Wednesday. In maths we have been looking at pairs of numbers that make totals and have been doing lots of problem solving.



We have a walk around the woods on Wednesday 19th October at 6pm. Please ensure your child is accompanied by one adult. Unfortunately, we won't be able to have any siblings on our walk, due to the size of the woods.

EYFS Coffee Morning is at 9am the same day.

Our New Arrivals

This week we had some exciting news.

Our chicks, after 21 days, hatched! So far we have 3 chicks and one hatching. We will keep you updated on names and any other hatchlings. They are beautiful and chirping away.


All Things Animals-Week 4

We were very privileged today, Lizy, Ruby's mum came in and spoke to us about animals. This was to help us when we come to write our fact files for St. Nick's Pre-School. Lizy talked about lots of different animals from around the world. Lizy went into fantastic detail about animals from different continents. We started in Europe, where we learnt Peregrine Falcon. We got told it flew around 200mph.

Next we learnt about wolves and deers. We got to hold an antler and felt how rough it was. It gets used to fight other animals.

After learning about European animals we learnt about South American ones. We learnt that a turtle lives in water and has flippers. We also learn that in the shell, it has a spine along it’s back. Then we moved onto Africa. We learnt about animals like a Springboks-they jump over 4m. We even saw it’s coat. After that, we found out about a Colobus Monkey, they glide to trees.

Finally, we found out about animals from Asia. We learnt about Gibbons, Snakes and saw some Scorpions and Long Horned Beetles.






Week 3 and what a brilliant week it has been!

Foundation children had their full week of school. They were superb, if not a little tired. Thank you to all you lovely parents for commenting in home-school-diaries and letting us know how your children are getting on at home with their reading and other bits and bobs. We will be checking and adding notes about our week so please keep them updated.

Another fun filled week learning about animals and classifying them. We've also been looking at what we want to know. If you have any resources we could add to our role-play areas (explorers), we would be grateful to borrow them.


Second week in!

What a busy couple of week we've had! We've been getting to know our learning buddies this week. It has been really exciting exploring our classroom and we've even had time to draw a self portrait of ourselves. Year One have been extremely busy focusing on subtraction and describing what Captain Blackbeard might have seen. We are moving onto learning about animals next week. In Rainbow, it's like a farm, as we have guinea pigs (names yet to be decided) and eggs. Hopefully, in 19 days time we will have some chicks running around. Below are some children with the guinea pigs (we even had them running around the classroom, such fun). Have a lovely weekend!



Meet The Teacher

It was so lovely to see such enthusiastic parents today. Thank you all for your feedback and ideas. It is brilliant to know we have supportive parents. We will be uploading all the bits and bobs from the talk.