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Science task

Fossils and animals over time

WALT: predict

Context: the likely impact humans are going to have on life in the future

Well done - you've made it to the final lesson in our science unit.  If you have followed every lesson so far, you will have learned lots of fascinating facts about evolution and the development of life on Earth.


Hopefully you have enjoyed this area of science and if you love a good nature documentary, there is a great one by David Attenborough called The Tree of Life which can be found on Youtube.  It covers Darwin and his Theory of Evolution.


Your final Oak Academy lesson is all about the possible impact humans might have on life in the future.  Click here to watch lesson 6.


Good luck!

What might humans look like in a million years time?

If you wonder what might be in store for humans in the future, watch this short video:


Human evolution and the future