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In Sputnik we follow the three school rules:

- Respect Yourself 

- Respect Others

- Respect the Environment 



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There is no work of the week this week as we  break up for the summer holiday next Tuesday.


We hope you have fabulous summer break - see you in September! 



French Cricket - making the most of the sunshine in our PE lesson!

Sputnik made the most of the beautiful weather during PE today and went outside to play French cricket. They all demonstrated great skills with their batting and fielding. They were all really good team players and also showed great sportsmanship; taking turns, encouraging and supporting their team mates and persevering even when it got tough! What a fab team Sputnik are!

Woodland Walk

Sputnik enjoyed a walk to our local 'Bluebell Wood' this morning as part of our 'How green is our planet?' project. We were trying to identify the different wildlife and variety of tree species that could be found there and had a great time. Please ask us when we get home what we found! We are looking forward to sharing with you, our very own 'scavenger hunt' sheets which will be available for you to buy at tomorrows 'Forest Fundraiser' event where we are trying to raise money for the Woodland Trust who manage the Bluebell Wood. Hopefully you will be able to have as much fun trying to find the items on them as we had making them! 


Here are some more pictures from today's adventure:

Year 4 Maths

We have been working hard in our year 4 maths over the last couple of weeks. We have been thinking about collecting, recording and interpreting data. We have been looking at tables, tally charts, pictograms, bar charts and line graphs.   

Layers of the rainforest...

Emergent layer
Forest floor
We have been finding out about the four layers that make up the rainforest. Here we are learning and practising our new geographical vocabulary!

Sputnik's latest addition...

Today Sputnik had a very special visit from Mrs Counsell and baby George. It was lovely to see them both; they are doing really well. Some of us even managed to get a cuddle! 

How Green is our Planet?


We have started our new project this term by thinking about what we would like to discover over the course of the next two terms. Here are some of the questions we would like to explore:


Where can the rainforests be found? - Henry

How many birds are found in the rainforest? - Marlee

Which different species can be found in the rainforest? - Sky

How much water falls from the sky there in a day, a week or a month? - Faith

How many types of animals are there in the rainforest? - Michael

Are there lots of rainforests are there in the world? - Lily-May

How much of the rainforests are left? - Dougie

Do humans live in the rainforest? - Barney

What fruit grows in the rainforest? - Billie

Does our rubbish have an effect on the rainforest? - Lincoln


Today we have been using our geography skills to locate the rainforests of the world using an atlas. It was really interesting to find that they are found mainly around the equator. We are looking forward to finding out about all the different countries that rainforests are found in and discovering more about them.    

Have a fantastic Easter break!

Today we got creative and made some Easter cards for our families. We hope you like them - have a lovely Easter holiday and we will see you back on Wednesday 24th April.

Singing Assembly

Sputnik class were really proud today when Nadia and Ruby showed lots of courage in singing assembly. They did a brilliant job of singing 'Tale as Old as Time' from Beauty and the Beast. Well done girls, you were great!

Investigating Mirrors

Today we used mirrors in our science lesson. We noticed that mirrors reflect light so that we can see. The image that we see if reversed. The best surfaces for light to bounce off are shiny, smooth and flat. We also remembered that light travels in waves and in straight lines.

We the Curious Trip

We have had a fantastic day exploring light and sound at We the Curious. We were able to ask questions, observe and conclude during the workshops and enjoyed learning in a hands on way during our free time.

We learned:

'Light travels in straight lines' Will

'The closer an object is to the light source the bigger the shadow it makes' Kerys

'Translucent things allows light to pass through' Ruby

'Sound vibrates, that is how you hear' Marlee

'Mirrors reflect light to make it change direction' Teagan

'Lightening is a natural light source' William

'Light travels in waves' Barney

'The bigger the tube the lower the sound' Dougie


World Book Day

We watched BBC Teach Live Lesson as part of World Book Day today. We were able to listen to and be inspired by three famous authors and illustrators; Malorie Blackman, Rob Biddulph and Cressida Cowell as they all shared excerpts and top tips for writers and illustrators from some of their books. 

Reading Week

As part of reading week, we shared a book of our choice with Sunshine class. We loved reading to the younger members of school!

Sputnik Class Assembly

An entertaining and informative assembly on the Ancient Egyptians was delivered to a packed audience by Sputnik this week. They worked hard to learn their lines and remember their facts. Thank you to all the parents and family members that came to support them - they really  did a fantastic job and we were very proud of them all! 

Writing workshop with author Steve Clifford

Today, we were lucky enough to have a workshop with Steve Clifford all about sentence manipulation. First we needed to write our own short stories and then we edited them to make them better by manipulating our writing to make it better and more interesting to read. As part of the workshop, we looked at tense, grammar and punctuation.  

Egyptian Wow Day


Today we met Dr Jones, an Egyptologist. He told us all about life in ancient Egypt and showed us some Egyptian artefacts too. We explored early Egyptian times through drama and role play and learned why the Nile was so important to the Egyptians. We all loved listening to all the gory details of the after life process and making our own mummificatipm chants. 

These are some of the facts that we learned:


'The left side of the body was cut open for mummification' Macie

'Death masks had two holes in for earing' Faith

'When you died, your heart was weighed to see if you can go into the after life' Zoe

'To get the brain out, the used a chisel to crack the skull then pulled it through the nose' Henry

Problem solving in Maths

For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on the skill of division. We have used concrete apparatus and pictorial representations to help us visualise and understand division more deeply before moving on to using the bus stop method to solve division calculations. Today we looked at word problems. We read through the problems carefully, then identified and highlighted the key numbers and information that would help us solve the problems. It was challenging as there was more than one step in each problem but we had lots of fun working out the answers!  

Horrible Histories - Awful Egyptians

We have had a fantastic morning at the playhouse watching Awful Egyptians. We learned lots of facts about Egypt and it was great to see real life Egyptian artefacts too. We particularly liked the second half of the show, which was presented in 3D.

Egyptian Pyramid Challenges

This week in project we have been learning all about the ancient pyramids of Egypt. We found out that the most famous pyramids are found in Giza and they were built as tombs for the Egyptian Kings. Pyramids were full of secret and hidden doors to stop people from stealing the riches that were often buried with the Kings. Did you know that the first pyramid built was called the Pyramid of Djoser?

Christmas Jumper Day

We have completed our project! - How did we get from stones to shields?

We now know:

If it wasn't for the Romans then we wouldn't have roads - Faith

The Roman Empire started in Rome, Italy - Teagan

The middle of a Roman shield is called a Boss - Clayton

Most Roman shields only used 2 or 3 basic colours - Henry

Julius Caesar was stabbed to death when he was 55 years old - Macie, Alfie and Maddie

Stone Age people used tools to hunt, gather and generally survive - Michael

Stone Age people used animal skin to keep warm - Macie

Cave art was used to communicate - Billie

The Bronze Age gets it's name from the Bronze that was used to make tools - Dougie

Stone Age people used sticks to start a fire - Faith

The Roman Empire was the name given to the countries that were captured by the Romans - Barney

Skara Brae was found 150 years ago after a bad storm. It was a Stone Age settlement - Oliver R

Skara Brae showed life in the Neolithic times - Marlee

The Stone Age is called the Stone Age because they used stone to survive - Lily-May


Active maths

Today in PE, we participated in active maths. We used the number markers to find multiplies of a given number, odd numbers, even numbers, factors and more/less than a given number. We enjoyed travelling around the hall in different ways to find the required numbers. We then had to give number facts for our given numbers.

Freeze Frame Drama - The Tinderbox

This week in English we have continued to read our whole class books, 'The Tinderbox'

We created freeze frames to show an important part of the story and used the freeze frames to think about how certain characters would be feeling.


Year 4 Bikeability

Today, the year 4 children took part in 'bikeability' training. As part of their training they learned how to signal a change in direction, complete an emergency stop and general bike maintenance. As a result of their training, all the children are now more confident in riding a bike on the road. Well done Year 4!

Year 3/4 Trip to Icescape @Tropicana.

A fabulous time was had by Sputnik on our year 3/4 trip to Icescape @Tropicana. We enjoyed a brisk walk along the seafront before arriving for our ice-skating experience. There were a few bumps and scrapes but even those children who hadn't ice-skated before had a go and were brilliant at getting back up and having a go at learning a new skill. They all showed great courage and had a really fun afternoon. We arrived back at school afterwards, tired but happy! Thank you to all the adult helpers that came along and helped to make sure we had a great time.

Programming A.L.E.X the robot

This term in computing we will be learning all about programming using a programming app called A.L.E.X.

We have to give him instructions to get him to his 'safe point'. We are enjoying the increasing level of challenge and difficulty and it is a great way to develop our problem solving skills.

Remembrance Assembly

Today we commemorated the end of World War One, 100 years ago, in a special remembrance assembly. We created our 'field of poppies' using finger painting to make each of the petals on our poppies. They look really amazing when displayed all together. Well done Sputnik! 

Weston Athletics


Chris Millard from Weston Athletics treated Sputnik to an amazing athletics session this morning (25.10.18). He talked to us about the importance of warming up before we exercise and cooling down after. He helped us to work on our running technique and we practiced this with some running in teams. We also worked on relay races and had a go at passing the baton between runners as efficiently and quickly as we could.  We discussed how having a positive mindset could help us persevere with exercise even when we might be feeling it was really hard. Getting out in the sunshine and doing some athletics was a lot of fun; we are looking to our next session with him after half term!



Following Instructions

In English, we have been evaluating instructions. We followed a set of instructions telling us how to draw a woolly mammoth. We found the instructions had a clear layout and were easy to follow. We said that they would be even better if they had a you will need list. If you want to have a go at home, you can follow the link below.

By Billie
By Nadia
By Scarlett

Place Value

This week in maths we have used the place value counters to help us to understand 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. We found them useful to understand exchanging as well as adding and subtracting numbers from a given value. We then completed reasoning and problem solving questions once we were fluent in our thinking.

Trip to Cheddar Caves, Museum and Jacob's Ladder


A brilliant day out was had by us all on our trip to Cheddar. We have been learning about prehistoric times as part of our 'Stones to Shields' Project. We were given a guided talk in Gough's Cave and learned that 'Cheddar Man' was found here. We also saw some amazing stalactites and stalagmites. We then made our way up the 271 steps of Jacob's Ladder but weren't able to see from the lookout tower as it's currently being repaired. It certainly meant that we earned our lunch once we had climbed back down though! Lastly, we were treated to a workshop from Caveman Andy. He told us all about the tools that the people of the Stone Age would have used and showed us how they were able to make fire wherever they went. 


Making a Stone Age Fire

Today in English, we thought about the steps that would be needed in order to create a realistic Stone Age fire. We will then use this knowledge tomorrow to write a set of instructions.

Stone Age drama

In English this week we have created short drama sketches linked to our class book 'Stone Age, Bone Age!'. In groups, we created a dialogue performance which we then wrote up into correctly punctuated sentences. We learnt that the stone age people could make use of a whole mammoth. The used the flesh and meat to eat, the tusks for tools, the skin for clothes and blankets and the rest went on the fire to provide fuel. We learned that harpoons were used to catch fish and they built canoes to travel down the rivers.