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In Sputnik we follow the three school rules:

In Sputnik we follow the three school rules: 1

- Respect Yourself 

- Respect Others

- Respect the Environment 


mail Work of the week mail


This week work of the week has been given to Emelia for some excellent 

work in both English and project this week. She produced a well researched fact file

and used some very persuasive language when writing to convince people not to poach rhinos. 


Well done Emelia!





Fantastic Home Learning!

Fantastic Home Learning! 1
Fantastic Home Learning! 2
Fantastic Home Learning! 3



We have been seriously blown away this week by the enthusiasm some of our fellow classmates have shown for their learning. They have been inspired by what we have been learning in school so much that they have carried on working on it at home.


Daisy has been practicing her 3 and 4 timetables that we are currently learning in class. However she has also challenged herself to learn her 9, 11 and 12 times tables too - great stuff Daisy!


Alicja has written a story about a rhino who lost both her parents because of poachers killing them for their horns. The little rhino makes friends with a young girl and together they try to get the message out to all humans to stop hunting and poaching to stop rhino from becoming extinct. Well done Alicja! 


Billie has worked hard to produce a fantastic and informative powerpoint about the Pangolin, an animal that is critically endangered. She was encouraged to find out more after watching a program on TV about pangolins. As we have been looking at endangered and extinct animals her presentation supported our learning brilliantly and the rest of the class were really impressed when she shared it with us today! 

More examples of fantastic extra learning from our talented Sputnik team...

Finding out facts about animals that have become extinct...

Finding out facts about animals that have become extinct... 1
Finding out facts about animals that have become extinct... 2
Finding out facts about animals that have become extinct... 3
As part of our project we have found out that rhinos are endangered. There are five different species of rhino and we have been looking particularly at the two species found in Africa; the black rhino and the white rhino. Through our work we have discovered that the northern white rhino is facing extinction in the very near future as their numbers are so few with only two known to be left in the wild. This had led us to think about other animals that become extinct and what the reasons are for this. Some of the animals we have been finding out facts about the dodo, the great auk, the woolly mammoth, the sabre tooth tiger and the Irish elk. Here are some examples of our work: 


Sumdog 1
Sumdog 2
Sumdog 3
Sumdog 4
Sumdog 5
Sumdog 6
Sumdog logins were given out to children this afternoon and we spent some time practicing using them to login and explore it. All children have their own username and password details on the inside cover of their home/school diaries. There is no homework set at the moment but if children can have a go at home to familiarise themselves with the games and how it works that would be really helpful! 

Plate spinning...

Sputnik class had a go at learning a new skill this week - plate spinning. We had to use our perseverance and determination to succeed! It wasn't easy but we had a lot of fun.