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In Unicorn, we follow our 3 rules:

1. Respect yourself

2. Respect others

3. Respect the environment

Our recognition board this week goes to:




for his fantastic effort and focus in learning how to add, subtract and multiply fractions. Well done, Ollie,

Kaeden is featured in the galaxy of excellence. Well done Kaeden!

Unicorn class enjoyed sharing their stories in the sunshine this afternoon - 2nd April 2019

WORLD BOOK DAY 2019 - Can you guess what character's we dressed up as? Have a look at what we've been up to today...

TERM 3 and 4 - How does our World rage?


We set off on a walk from the mouth of River Axe up to the tributary, Uphill Pill. It was a beautiful day and we identified lots of natural features of a river.

We’ve been making volcanoes. Take a look!

Our class assembly on Natural Disasters

We have been debating which natural disaster is the most deadly. We presented our factual information on an interactive powerpoint and used persuasive language to convince the rest of the class that our deadly disaster is the most disastrous! What do you think?

To commemorate Stan Lee, the creator of marvel super-heroes we know and love today, we designed our own super-heroes.


We have been learning a lot about Space and the Solar System. Take a look at our Space posters that we created to share all of the learning we have completed this term...

We have been learning about the race to Space....