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Welcome to Voyager


The term is now well underway, and it is great to see all the children settling in so well. We have had a very productive start to the term with a visit from Ben the Explorer to kick off our new project. All the children were very engaged and now really eager to learn more about the Black Rhino, and the importance of conservation more generally. 


In addition, we have had our first swimming session which generated an enormous amount of excitement, and are looking forward to continuing over the coming weeks. 


Be sure to check back throughout the term for updates and photographs of what we are getting up to.





Worker of the Week


Congratulations to Chloe, who was awarded 'Worker of the Week' for all her efforts in maths this week. You are fast becoming a fraction expert - well done!

Viking WOW Day!


Today we were visited by the fearsome Viking, Bjorn Erikson. He taught us all about Viking life from longboats and raiding, to everyday life and Viking Gods. We had a fantastic time and the children got a chance to dress up and perform as many different Viking characters. 

Viking Beach Raid


We had great fun visiting the beach and re-enacting a Viking beach raid. The children had the opportunity to act both as the Viking attackers, as well as Anglo Saxon farmers, reflecting on what it might have been like for both sides. 

Worker of the week


Well done Greyson for your fantastic poems this week. Great work!

Viking Poetry


The children wrote a kenning, haiku and tanka poem based on their knowledge of the Vikings, before performing them to the class.



Viking timeline

The children put their knowledge to the test by ordering a timeline of events.

Worker of the Week: 10.01.20


Congratulations to Seth, Voyager's first 'Worker of the Week' of the term. Seth worked very hard to master the written method of multiplication and is now a real expert! You should be very proud of yourself. 


Welcome back


Welcome back Voyager! I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and are looking forward to a fantastic new term. There's lots to look forward to with our new topic, 'We're the Vikings Vicious' with some great activities planned. This is a very popular topic and am sure everyone will find it really enjoyable and interesting. Updates and photos will be posted throughout the term.

End of term


Thanks to the children for all their very hard work this term. Have a very happy Christmas and we look forward to welcoming you back in the new year. 

Christmas Party 


We had great fun at our Christmas party. Lots of games and plenty of delicious food!

Presentation of learning

To conclude our project, ‘Why is my body amazing’ the children shared their fantastic work and knowledge with Jupiter Class today.  They discussed the skeleton, muscles, the digestive system, teeth and food chains with great enthusiasm. Well done!

Muscles and bones


As part of our new project the children have been learning about the skeleton and how muscles allow us to move. Here they are investigating which muscles are needed when we run, and when we stand and hold a book.

Rhino Poetry


The children have written some fantastic rhyming and haiku poems this week. They then performed them in front of the class.

Uphill runs the world competition 


The children worked very hard and showed great determination in our inter-class running competition.


Space Detectives


The children had a fantastic time taking part in an Astronomy workshop run by ‘Space Detectives’. They learned all about what it takes to be an astronaut and had great fun putting their astronaut skills to the test.

Some things we’ve been up to this week


In Project we have been researching the different species of rhino, and creating fact files.
Our singing lesson in music.
In ICT we have been learning about creating and organising files, manipulating windows and how to take screenshots.