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Knowledge Organiser and Loops of Learning

Knowledge Organiser for 'What makes Britain Great?'

As we launch our new project (albeit virtually) please find the accompanying knowledge organiser. During this project, our children will become geographers as we locate where we live, learn about our country and some of it's significant cities, as well as map the continent of Europe. We will take a look at the life of our reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II and her family. We will also explore the flag, flowers and traditional foods that help to make Britain great! 

Loops of Learning - taking us on our journey through this project!

Our loops help to explain the journey of the learning that we plan to take as we explore our way through our project - what makes Britain great? Each week we will look a different area of the project as we become geographers, historians, artists etc. developing our skills through discovery and exploration. We will use maps and atlases as well as evidence from both the internet and various texts as sources of information to aid our research and understanding. 


Please do ask us if you have any questions about this project as we go. Also, if you discover any useful resources along the way that could be shared with others it would be great if you could let us know about them too. This will help make this learning come to life for all our children as we work from home during this time and would be much appreciated!