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W/C 22nd June

Term 6 - Week 4


Monday's whole school assembly, by Mrs Hodder, is all about courage. You can watch it by clicking this link!


This week we are going to try something new with ttrockstars - we have created a tournament for you to take part in! You can enter by selecting the tournament option in the side bar. Each class will 'battle' against the other two classes. As we have not had a go at this before we will see how this goes and a certificate will be awarded to the winning class! The more games you play, the more chances you have of winning! You can play any type of game to count - we would love to see as many of you as possible taking part in this! Have fun and good luck! A link for ttrockstars can be found below. If you need a reminder of your login, you can email us at the year 3/4 email address and we can remind you. The tournaments will start Monday at 8.30am and finish Friday at 8.30pm - winners will be announced the following week!



This is the leader board at the end of Tuesday! Voyager have sneaked into the lead - join your class in the battle of the bands to see if you can get your class to the top of the leader board...



Sputnik have taken top spot by the narrowest of margins - who will be on top of the leader board tomorrow?



This is our leader board at the start of Friday morning! It has been great to see so many of you join in the tournament this week. Who will finish at the top of the leader board? The tournament runs until 8.30pm today so there is still time to get involved and help your class to victory!