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W/C 23rd & 30th March

The Water Cycle


Can you use the links below to find out about the water cycle? There is a presentation containing information and a waterwheel activity that you can print out and have a go at making. If you are not able to print out the resources you can draw and label a picture of the water cycle in your pink books. 


Good luck! 


Week 2 - Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a web link to show you how to observe your own water cycle in action. Take photos/draw diagrams in your pink books to explain what happens. We would love to see your practical investigations so make sure that you email them to us or upload onto the school twitter page!

There is also a diagram to complete to show your understanding of key vocabulary. You can either print this off and label the diagram or you can draw and label your own in your pink books.

How to be a rain drop!

Here is a text about becoming a rain drop and the journey that water goes on in the water cycle.  You can answer the 3 daily questions that go with this in your pink books.


P.S. the answers are on the last slide so you can mark your work once you are finished at the end of the week! 

Follow the link below to access the practical activity for week 2. Can you make a water cycle in a bag?
Week 2