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W/C 23rd March

Hello and welcome to this week's home learning! 


Below is our overview for our learning and each day a new task for each subject will be uploaded for you all to complete. A reminder that any key worker child coming into school please bring your home learning book with you. 


If you cannot print any documents added to the website do not worry. Please copy them into your home learning books with the date at the top. 



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Daily challenge! enlightened
As Mrs Lorimer LOVES cheesy jokes, can you send us your favourite joke?
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Weekly Tasks:

Please complete the book review attached below once a week. When we come back to school we will be collecting these book reviews and making our own Year 2 collection for any child looking to read a new book. There will also be a weekly comprehension task where you will read a story and answer questions about it and spelling practice. This will be the same format every week but different tasks/spelling rule. 



Sort the facts into columns for Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Florence Nightingale. There may be some where they belong to both people. 

Maths: Today we are recapping partitioning. Remember, this is when we take a 2-digit number and split it into 2 parts.

For example:

34 = 30 + 4

62 = 60 + 2


Using the table write why you think Brunel and Florence have made the greatest difference. Use ‘the power of because’ and the facts from yesterday’s activity to help explain your reasons.


Can you use the symbols <, > or = to compare these numbers:


For example:

2 < 5 (2 is less than 5)

7 > 1 (7 is greater than 1)

2 + 1 = 3 ( 2+1 is equal to 3)


English and Project: 


Using the ideas you have gathered this week you are now going to choose either Florence Nightingale or Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Please write a small paragraph on why you think your chosen person has made the greatest difference. Express thoughts, opinions and facts.


Extra challenge: draw a picture of your chosen person at the bottom of your page.


Today we are looking at ordering numbers from smallest to biggest.


English and Project: 

Over the next 2 days create a poster for your chosen person and why you think they made the greatest difference. Make it as informative as possible for those who might not know who they are.

(If you can’t decide why not make 2? One for each day)


Please take a picture of your poster and send it to the Year 2 email address along with any other work you might want to show us.




Today we are looking at finding 10 more or 10 less


English and Project: 

Finish off your posters of who you think has made the greatest difference. 


If you have already finished these don't forget to email us a picture of it.


If you haven't done so already please complete the comprehension activity and also your book review about a book you have read this week that can be found at the top of this page. 


Email reminder: mail



Today we are counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and then using this to help us solve problems. 

Please could you send us a picture of this piece of learning to our email so we can see how you've got on smiley