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W/C 27th April

Daily English tasks - w/c 27th April


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Find out about antonyms and why we use them.


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This clip will show you how to use synonyms.
This week, all the tasks will be looking at vocabulary using synonyms, antonyms and adjectives. 
Using the learning from our project this week; can you write a report to tell us all about the similarities and differences between Great Britain and the United Kingdom? You can use the template provided or come up with your own format. We don't mind if this is handwritten or produced using word/powerpoint. You can include facts you have found out from your own research too. Maps and diagrams will really help bring your work to life so it would be great to include them as well. Happy writing!
This week our whole class reading text links directly to our project. Remember to read the text first then have a go at answering 3 questions every day.