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W/C 30th March

Daily Challenge!enlightened

Alphabet hunt! How many things can you find in your house that start with the same first letter of your name?

Remember you can send us your photos to: mail

Picture 1

Easter Bonnet Parade!!


So this Friday (03.04.20) would have been our Easter Bonnet parade. We would all love to see some photos of you making and wearing your Easter Bonnets.

Could you make a parade for your family with music? Could you send the photos and videos to our email address or on Twitter as Mrs Hodder would love to see them, too?


We would also have done an Easter Egg Hunt searching for sticks in exchange for treats/Easter Eggs (if you've managed to buy any).

Weekly Tasks:

Please complete the book review attached below once a week.

There will also be a weekly comprehension task where you will read a story and answer questions about it and spelling practice. 

Times table and number bond practice:

Please use this website to help your children practice their number bonds to 10 (e.g. 3+ 7=10) and their 2,5 and 10 times tables. The children have used this game within class so should be familiar with it.



For the next few weeks we will be focusing on common exception words. These are words that don’t follow the phonic and spelling rules we have been learning so are learned by simply becoming more and more familiar with them through reading and spelling practice.

Below is the document with the ones we are focusing on this week.

There is also the full list of common exception words that are covered in both Year 1 and 2 for your information.


To hopefully make practicing their spellings more fun, here is a link to some spelling games they can also use to help them practice.


The link will take you to the full list of rules learned in Year 2 and common exception words are near the bottom. Of course, practice of any of the other rules is perfectly fine too!


This week we will be focusing on our grammar.  Today we are recapping adjectives (describing words). 


Today we are using our knowledge of place value to correctly identify numbers to 100 when shown in different ways. All the ways shown on the sheet are images/resources that your children will be familiar with in class. 

If you would like some further explanation on how we teach place value and some of these ways explained, I have attached another document below called 'Parent guidance' which may help.

In terms of recording, please don't worry if you can't print these sheets off, you can just write the answers in your pink book. 



Today we are recapping nouns (person, place or thing).


Today we are continuing to look at different ways numbers can be represented through different resources and pictures.



Today we will be looking at verbs (doing words).


Today we are counting in 3s. Start by practicing counting in 3s from 0. Use a 100 square to help if needed:

Then complete the activity where you will be counting in 3s from different numbers.



Following yesterday we are recapping adverbs. This describes the verb. 


Today, we are continuing to count in 3s but will be counting both forwards and backwards! 



Our final task this week is recapping conjunctions. This is when a word is used to join/link sentences or phrases together. 

Please send us an email to show us your amazing learning that you have done this week.

Maths: Today we are looking at using our knowledge of counting 3s to solve a variety of different types of questions.

Remember you can just write the answers straight into your pink books, you don't need to worry about printing anything. Please could you send us a picture of how you get on to our email: