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W/C 4th May

What makes Uphill great?


Our school is located in the village of Uphill. This week our learning is going to be focusing on finding out about the village of Uphill. Which part of Great Britain is it found in? What are the nearest towns and cities? What is special about the village? (apart from it being where you go to school!) What amenities can be found there? What natural and man-made features are there? What do you like best about going to school there and what do you think makes it great?


Use the powerpoint to find out about Uphill. Can you group the features of Uphill in those that are natural and those that are man-made? There is a short task for you to complete on this. The powerpoint takes you through lots of the features found in Uphill. Using this information, can you make a leaflet about Uphill which could be used to encourage people to visit here? Make sure you include lots of fascinating facts and plenty of pictures to keep the reader interested! There is a template that you can use but if you prefer you can do this work in your book or on paper instead. We would also be happy for you to use word/powerpoint etc to produce this piece of work. 

If you cannot access the audio in the powerpoint then there is a video of it which should let you play it with sound on most devices.

Click here to play the video with sound.


This week for your reading task you will be finding out about Weston-super-Mare. You can use this information to add a section in your leaflet about Weston too if you would like! What things do you think make Weston great? 

Fancy a walk around Uphill and the surrounding area?

The link below is a pdf for a booklet with walks around the Uphill area. If the weather is nice why not try some of them out? Let us know if you do - we would love to see some pictures of you out and about in the Uphill area too!