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W/C 8th June

Welcome to home learning for term 6 - week 2!

Just a quick reminder of what to expect throughout each week.

Maths and English lessons will be updated daily.

Our project this term is science based so there will be no additional weekly science lessons. 
Our project lessons will be uploaded with our English lessons this term as they will work along side each other. 

There will also be a weekly spelling and reading comprehension task.


Just a reminder that you do not need to worry about printing any of the activity sheets out. They are there as a guide for the task and you can print them out if you can/would like to. Otherwise, please just record your learning in your pink book however suits you. 


We do ask that you send one piece of Maths and English learning to us each week via our email and we will indicate by the lesson which particular piece we would like to see.  It would also be extremely valuable to see your project and science too, if possible. 

Obviously, if you would like to send us more then we would love to see it. We are so grateful to see any of your wonderful learning!

Our email is:

We would also really like to signpost you to our pastoral care page on our website.

This has been put together by our wonderful learning mentors and offers advice and support for any children and families that need support during this time:



Last week we sent a request for your child's comments to go in their school report.  Thank you so much to everyone who has already returned these! Below is the information and template for anyone who still needs it. We would be so grateful if we could have your responses this week. Thank you smiley


Virtual school games

Virtual school games has set up weekly sport challenges for children to complete. 

Here is a link to the website that is launching the virtual school games. There is a video released each week with someone demonstrating the activity. There is also an option for the children to send in their scores if they wish to as you can download a certificate.


Please see the attached reading comprehension sheet and book review.

Try this website for some free e-books that your children can read at home. You will be able to choose the book band that they are currently reading.


Times table and number bond practice:

Please use this website to help your children practice their number bonds to 10 (e.g. 3+ 7=10) and their 2,5 and 10 times tables. The children have used this game within class so should be familiar with it.



For the next few weeks we will be focusing on common exception words. These are words that don’t follow the phonic and spelling rules we have been learning so are learned by simply becoming more and more familiar with them through reading and spelling practice.

Below is the document with the ones we are focusing on this week.

There is also the full list of common exception words that are covered in both Year 1 and 2 for your information.


To hopefully make practicing their spellings more fun, here is a link to some spelling games they can also use to help them practice.


The link will take you to the full list of rules learned in Year 2 and common exception words are near the bottom. Of course, practice of any of the other rules is perfectly fine too!



This week we are going to be exploring local habitats that can be found in our country. Today we are focusing on which animals we can find in our local habitats.


Please follow the link below to access today's lesson:


The links to further information about our local habitats mentioned in the powerpoint can be found here:






Today we will be combining our knowledge of movement and turns to start giving and following directions.

Follow the link below to access today's lesson:



Today we are continuing to look at our local habitats and we are going to be identifying some of the plants that live in each one.

Follow the link below to access today's lesson:



Today is our final lesson on position and direction and we going to be looking at shape patterns.

Please follow the link below to access today's lesson:



This week we will be writing a piece of persuasive text to Wizard Lizard but first we have to understand how to do this. We will be trying to persuade our families of something today. 


Follow the link below to access today's lesson.


Today we are starting a new unit on length. We will be looking at lots of different ways we can measure and today we will start by looking at length.

Follow the link below to access today's lesson:


Also, here is the link mentioned in the powerpoint that will allow you to practice measuring length:



In today's lesson we are going to think of some reasons why Wizard Lizard should let Superworm go. 


To access today's lesson follow the link below.


Today we will look at measuring in metres and then begin to compare different lengths.

Follow the link below to access today's lesson:



Today we will be writing a letter to give to Wizard Lizard to try to persuade him to release Superworm. 


To access today's lesson follow the link below.


Today we will be continuing to compare different lengths and putting them in order. 

Please follow the link below to access today's lesson: