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What Happens at Lunchtime?

What Happens At Lunchtime?

At Uphill Primary School we have a team of ten lunchtime supervisors. Our aim is to ensure that the children in our care are happy and safe. At lunchtimes all children and adults are valued and respected.   

The children are split into two sittings, by their Houses. The termly 'House Lunch Rota' is available from the school office.


The Dining Hall

In the dining hall we supervise the children eating their lunch and encourage good manners and healthy eating. Within the sittings children having packed lunches and children having hot dinners sit and eat together. The children are encouraged to eat well, help each other and chat together. They are encouraged to clear and clean their tables before leaving the hall at the end of the sittings. House points can be issued throughout the lunchtime by Lunchtime Supervisors for politeness, helpfulness and good behaviour.



Children are expected to;

Line up quietly

Sensibly walk to their table

Stay in their seats until they have finished their lunch

Talk quietly

Keep their food in their lunchboxes

Only touch their own food

Take all their rubbish home

Clear their plate, cutlery and cup

Clean their table and sweep the floor

Be kind and polite 


Dining Hall Rules

Always be polite. Say 'please' and 'thank you'

Use good table manners when we are eating

Use quiet voices and listen to each other

 Leave the dining hall clean and tidy


Top Table

Children who are exceptionally well behaved and have consistently displayed good behaviour during lunchtimes are invited to join our top table on a Wednesday, when they have lunch with the Headteacher.


Reserved Table      

Every lunchtime we have a reserved table. Our Learning Mentor will have lunch at this table and any child is welcome to have their lunch with her and have a chat. Some children will be encouraged or invited to join this table too. Our staff team will also join us our children for lunch, at least two members of staff will be on lunch duty each day.


Positive Play

We promote 'Positive Play' in the playground and we have a designated play leader to promote fun games and activities. We have 'Positive Play Prefects' from our year 6 cohort,  who play with the younger children teaching them traditional games as well as circus skills, parachute games, football, basketball, skittles and much more.

We also have Lunch Club in our Community Room where all children are welcome. Each day has a variety of activities available from creative play, art and a large array of toys.     


Playground Rules

All children and adults are valued and respected

Always look after our outside play equipment

We have kind words, kind hands and kind feet

We always share with our friends